Klymit Inertia X-Frame Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Mat Review

Klymit Inertia X-Frame Mat Review
First of all, here's a disclaimer:

This is not a pad designed for hammock camping, if you decide to use it in a hammock it may break, trust me...

During my testing period I decided to use the pad in my hammock, I caught my head in one of the holes and a tube ripped. If used on the ground this is next to impossible to do, but in a hammock it really quite easy. Again, trust me on that!

How To Vlog with a GoPro while on a Bike - DIY GoPro Pole for Your MTB

GoPro Bike Pole
Will this work?

I gotta test it and update this with a video but for now, here's my DIY GoPro pole.

Get an aluminum bar like this one, strap it along the frame of your bike with velcro tape and you're done. I used this bar for the rotor mount as well.

Vargo Ti-Lite 750 ml Titanium Mug Review

Vargo Ti Lite Cooking Set
The Ti-Lite 750 Titanium Mug from Vargo is an ultralight 750 ml hybrid of a cooking and drinking vessel, resulting in the perfect centerpiece for a solo ultralight cook-set. The mug weighs only 137g (4.8oz) and is large enough to cook a decently sized meal for one person.

The Ti-Lite 750 is the perfect size, you can cook a solo meal or boil enough water for a Freezer Bag meal plus a hot drink. Picture location: Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

Vango Alto 40 Backpack Review

Vango Alto
I've been walking and climbing for a while now, and there's always one thing that bugs me every time I do a one night camping trip.

Do I use the 60L rucksack, and have too much space and end up carrying extra gear to fill it, or do I use the 25L day pack and cram everything in and end up forgetting something essential?

ENO DoubleNest Hammock Review (+ Atlas Straps and Twilights LED Camp Lights)

ENO Double Nest
How can I sleep more comfortably when I'm camping?

This is a question asked by many outdoors enthusiasts who sleep in tents. No matter if you carry a 1" thick sleeping mat it'll never be quite as comfortable as your bed at home... Or so I thought!

Well I've got a solution, and it comes from Eagle's Nest Outfitters, makers of high quality hammocks and accessories.

Dude, Let's Cycle to The Seaside! 1000 + Km. Thoughts and Video

Ciri Sorin at Tyulenovo
Click here to view the whole set of 300 pictures.
It’s interesting how your mind can continuously expand and adopt new (preferably higher) levels of what is “normal”.

Before leaving to the seaside I was intimidated: It’s too far. Too hard. It’s not worth it., etc. My mind was trying to justify fear and lack of engagement through artificial logical constructs. I say artificial because now that I’m home writing this, the whole experience of long distance cycling is beginning to feel normal. Normal = the norm. And shit! Look at my large smile in these pictures! So none of my fears were entirely justified - they were a construct of my petty inner self.

Balls in Milk... Wtf?! Olympus ME 52W vs Speedlink Spes Clip-On Microphone [Video]

Speedlink Spes Clip On Lapel Microphone
I hope no woman is reading this...

Of course, some of the potency of the joke has gone as I'm not that fluent in spoken English.

But I laughed like crazy when I first heard it. We also use a very specific Romanian word for ....... which makes the joke funnier.

I hope you're not offended by the joke but if you are, you'll know to never come back here again. Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.