Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit Review

Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit Review
Here's another great kit from Polymath Products, following the same design as the UCSK, the EDC Fire Kit. (Hereafter referred to as the "EDCFK")

This probably isn't one for the ultralight backpackers, but aimed more towards bushcrafters and general outdoors enthusiasts.

Leki Carbon Titanium AS Poles Review

Leki Carbon Trekking Poles
A walking pole is a walking pole, right...? Wrong.

There are many types of walking pole, many different designs, features, materials and weights, and they're not all created equal.

Warbonnet 3-Season Yeti Underquilt Review

Warbonnet 3-Season Yeti Underquilt
CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome" is a widely encountered problem among hammock campers.

There are many solutions, but the one that stands out above all of the others is the underquilt. It's a well known fact that underquilts greatly improve the comfort of a hammock camping setup, however they're also known to be fiddly and are notoriously hard to set up.

UCSK Polymath Ultra Compact Survival Kit Review

UCSK Ultra Compact Survival Kit
You could debate for years about what should be included in a compact survival kit (and people do!), so for the purposes of this review I'm going to comment on what is in the kit, rather than what could be in the kit.


So what's a polymath? Well, according to the dictionary- A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. A jack of all trades, if you like. I'd say that's a pretty appropriate name for a product from Polymath Products.

Klymit Inertia X-Frame Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Mat Review

Klymit Inertia X-Frame Mat Review
First of all, here's a disclaimer:

This is not a pad designed for hammock camping, if you decide to use it in a hammock it may break, trust me...

During my testing period I decided to use the pad in my hammock, I caught my head in one of the holes and a tube ripped. If used on the ground this is next to impossible to do, but in a hammock it really quite easy. Again, trust me on that!

How To Vlog with a GoPro while on a Bike - DIY GoPro Pole for Your MTB

GoPro Bike Pole
Will this work?

I gotta test it and update this with a video but for now, here's my DIY GoPro pole.

Get an aluminum bar like this one, strap it along the frame of your bike with velcro tape and you're done. I used this bar for the rotor mount as well.

Vargo Ti-Lite 750 ml Titanium Mug Review

Vargo Ti Lite Cooking Set
The Ti-Lite 750 Titanium Mug from Vargo is an ultralight 750 ml hybrid of a cooking and drinking vessel, resulting in the perfect centerpiece for a solo ultralight cook-set. The mug weighs only 137g (4.8oz) and is large enough to cook a decently sized meal for one person.

The Ti-Lite 750 is the perfect size, you can cook a solo meal or boil enough water for a Freezer Bag meal plus a hot drink. Picture location: Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland