Balls in Milk... Wtf?! Olympus ME 52W vs Speedlink Spes Clip-On Microphone [Video]

Speedlink Spes Clip On Lapel Microphone
I hope no woman is reading this...

Of course, some of the potency of the joke has gone as I'm not that fluent in spoken English.

But I laughed like crazy when I first heard it. We also use a very specific Romanian word for ....... which makes the joke funnier.

I hope you're not offended by the joke but if you are, you'll know to never come back here again. Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.

Salewa Denali Gore-Tex Mitt and Terminal Durastretch Hiking Pants Review

Hiking oanst by Salewa
Just a few days ago, I was shooting a video with my friend. We were at a training site for IRATA. A place where rope access workers get their international certification which allows them to work in this industry.

And I had this revelation: Wow! It's so cool to work with proper tools!

How To Make Hyperlapse Videos - Improvised Rig with a Cabelcam and a Slider Motor (Digislider)

Hyperlapse Cablecam Rig
Here's a way to shoot a hyperlapse video (long distance moving timelapse) that doesn't require moving your tripod for every shot.

We're using a DIY cablecam, a climbing rope (red line), a strong nylon thread (green line) and the slow motor from the motorized Digislider.

3 Tips on How To Get FREE Gear from Sponsors + a Copy of My Presentation [Video]

How To Get Outdoor Gear and Video Gear
I've been getting quite a few items from sponsors these past few years - video gear and outdoor gear - so I wanna give you some tips on how to ask for a sponsorship.

You also get a copy of a presentation that I sent to a few sponsors, requesting help for our ongoing caving expedition.

10 Days Expedition in V5 - The Deepest Cave in Romania

Aragonite in avenul V5
… and probably the longest (still being explored).

Read the Romanian version of this story on Photos by Radu Pop - click here to view the whole set.

Of course I was supposed to make a video with this but unfortunately I forgot my camera at home… All this after I passionately prepared for the trip (getting an extra battery from a friend, buying lots of Duracell batteries for a video led lamp, etc.).

Varavon Slidecam V800 Slider Review

Dolly Slider by VaravonSlidecam V800 Varavon Dolly SliderV800 Varavon Slidecam Dolly

The first thing that I noticed when I got the Varavon Slidecam V800 slider was it's weight. Or its lack thereof.

This baby is ultra light. And I'm saying this with excitement because I've been carrying the motorized slider quite a bit these past two weeks. So having a light slider is good for a change.

DigiSlider Review - Motorized Slider (Dolly) for Dynamic Time Lapse Videos

Camera Slider with Slow Motor by DigiSlider
Digi Slider Motorized Dolly
Digilsider Motorized Dolly for Timelapse

My friend said: this thing is doing the work for me while I relax. :-) And he's right. You can't beat a moving time lapse shot, right?

I'm a bit busy these days so this is gonna be a quick review which I'll update as I use the DigiSlider more.