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Right On Treck BackpacKing Meals

About RightOnTreck

RightOnTrek’s primary mission is to get people into the outdoors, and it’s not just about the backpacking meals. Whether you’re an experienced outdoor fanatic or a newbie, the website’s Wilderness Studio has been carefully curated to offer users free resources for creating their own or suggested itineraries within the US. 

There’s also a tab for information on renting gear but it’s currently only for Glacier National Park. Hopefully they develop this section with a lot more parks—it would significantly simplify the process of organizing long distance travel. 

I also see opportunities for connecting visitors with local ambassadors for housing, food and guide options. Beta is key to any adventure and this one-stop service is a brilliant idea. I really hope to see them partner with other businesses and expand to additional countries in the future as well.

Backpacking Meals

RightOnTrek sent us two meals to test; High Country Pad Thai Dinner and Blueberry Bliss Granola with Yogurt. All meals can be purchased individually ($6.49 - $9.99 1 per.), created in a custom meal plan or in a complete meal kit ($39.99 - $44.99 1 per., 1 day including snacks). 

Ishould note that in the US backpack meals (those that don’t taste like cardboard) will usually run you $10 - $15 per meal claiming they feed 2 people. We usually adjust that to 1.5 very hungry adults to be safe. No one wants to be hungry in the back country. 

We were very happyto discover these meals were just the right amount for one “tired hungry explorer” as advertised. Customers have various preferences to choose from and there are options available for common nutrition restrictions. The meals also came with a sturdy, resealable bag to pack out the trash and keep any leftovers from leaking on your camping gear. We thought that was a nice touch.


This is the big question, right? We were very pleased with the flavors and textures of the meals. The Pad Tai was especially delicious! Right On Trek sent us the full add-on’s to try so we went all in—although, I recommend going light on the Chili Sauce if you’re not accustomed. 

The flavor was rich and very savory, definitely comparable to a homemade version and especially good for a backpacking meal. Soy can be a toss-up if you don’t know how to cook it, but the curls had the texture and flavor of real chicken. My husband couldn’t tell the difference! 

I would absolutely buy the Pad Thai again; it was well-worth the money. The Granola was also very tasty and filling enough to last a morning of hiking without getting hungry. No complaints about the flavors whatsoever. It left me wanting to try a few more of their dinner selections.

Final Thoughts

We usually pack a majority of our own prepped food and a couple freeze-dried meals just in case, but the RightOnTrek meals have tempted me in a new direction! They’re filling, easy to make, the flavor is amazing, and a huge overall bang for your buck. I’d like to be a lot more critical, but my only complaint is that I want them to make even more meals for me to try. 

It’s clear they have been crafted by people who understand the satisfaction of dropping your pack after a long day of hiking and digging into some genuinely tasty food, while you take in the view. The combo is perfection.

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