ProViz REFLECT 360+ Cycling Jacket Review

ProViz Full Reflective Cycling Jacket
Cyclists, roadies, mountain bikers, tourers, bikepackers, commuters - you all know the situation - a car is approaching from behind, it's dark, they're going far too fast for your liking, and you're waiting for them to spot you before you're run off the road.

Cycling at night is something which has always worried me, even with front and rear lights I'm always fretting about how visible I am to other road users. After all, black Lycra isn't the most visible clothing. Of course you can get reflective bands to put on your legs, and your jersey or jacket may have reflective detailing but is it really enough?

Underground Quilts Renegade Top Quilt Review

Underground Quilts Renegade Top Quilt Review
I assume if you've reached this review you know the advantages of using a quilt system rather than a sleeping bag for backpacking, whether you ground sleep or hammock camp.

For ground sleepers it's the unparalleled weight to warmth ratio, for hammockers it's removing the hassle of using a conventional bag within the hammock.

Whichever way you prefer to camp you have a multitude of options, however the UGQ Renegade quilt will cater fantastically to both, so especially if you like to camp both ways (or at least have the option) the Renegade is a solid contender.

Yama Mountain Gear DIY Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack Kit Review

Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack
Ever sat for hours drooling over a Cuben tarp, wishing you could somehow justify the price?

As someone who's done this a whole lot more than they'd like to admit, I've naturally wondered if it'd just be cheaper to buy a roll of Cuben Fiber and make one myself.

Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin Review

Polymath Products Mini Survival
You could debate for years about what should be included in a compact survival kit (and people do!). So for the purposes of this review I'm going to comment on what is in the kit, rather than what could be in the kit.

Following the reviews of the fantastic UCSK and EDC Fire Kit from Polymath Products, here's the final kit in the line up - the Mini Survival Tin.

Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit Review

Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit Review
Here's another great kit from Polymath Products, following the same design as the UCSK, the EDC Fire Kit. (Hereafter referred to as the "EDCFK")

This probably isn't one for the ultralight backpackers, but aimed more towards bushcrafters and general outdoors enthusiasts.

Leki Carbon Titanium AS Poles Review

Leki Carbon Trekking Poles
A walking pole is a walking pole, right...? Wrong.

There are many types of walking pole, many different designs, features, materials and weights, and they're not all created equal.

Warbonnet 3-Season Yeti Underquilt Review

Warbonnet 3-Season Yeti Underquilt
CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome" is a widely encountered problem among hammock campers.

There are many solutions, but the one that stands out above all of the others is the underquilt. It's a well known fact that underquilts greatly improve the comfort of a hammock camping setup, however they're also known to be fiddly and are notoriously hard to set up.