Ten reasons to ride a bike - John Ang

The contest is over. Even so, I received a new email with another set of ten reasons to ride a bike.
I will still publish them if you keep them coming.

#1: To make friends with the usual bus drivers in the morning to get a free ride during a rainy day!

#2: To Feel, taste and hear the tasty local mud (it stains like coffee!)

#3: To laugh at those while I pass the gas station.

#4: To wear those cool unique jerseys with pockets.

#5: To use the priority of bus lanes!

#6: I love to use the hot disc rotors to cook my fancy shaped pancakes, after a tiring ascend and descend! 

#7: To hear that whistle from my helmet cutting the air and know I'm doing 40km/h!

#8: To drift and spray sand into the unsuspecting bystander.

#9: Loves the click from clipping into the roadie clipless pedals.

#10: And it is great exercise without hurting the knees!!!!!!!

John Ang

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