Tough Enough - Climbing in Madagascar

Tough Enough, is the name of the 400 meter route in the Tsaranoro Valley in Madagascar first climbed by Arnaud Petit, St├ęphanie Bodet, Sylvain Millet and Laurent Triay in 2008. Their only objective was to free the 10 pitches - many rated 8a and harder - on this African bigwall.

The climbing on the vertical granite wall was extremely difficult. The climbers gave it their all on the 380 meter route, with pitches rated between 7c and 8b+.
Tough Enough is an important milestone in contemporary free climbing. After a month on the route, the team was able to free all the pitches. It's up to the next generation of climbers to link all the pitches in a single push.
Source: Petzl

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