Winter Trekking Tour - Barbecue and Caving

Winter kicked the spring back from where it came (Africa perhaps...) but that was no reason for us to stay at home. It was rather an incentive to go outdoors once again for a trekking tour - a simple yet voluptuous treat: to walk through heaps of snow and to breathe the cool, fresh forest air.

My obsession with building a fire has manifested once again and that's how we ended making a little experiment - warming the ground for a bivouac. I heard that nomad Gypsy people used to build big fires and kept them burning for several hours, then they would clear the ashes and place their blankets or tents on the warm spots.

We didn't fell much warmth as we added too many branches as padding but we did feel the ground was hot without the spruce mat.

After that we went to a so called "Ice Cave" (RO: "Pestera de Gheata") which is more like a huge crack in a limestone block - a chimney if you want. There was some ice on the steep floor at the entrance but nothing spectacular that would make it deserve it's name. The icicles on the cliff overhangs and the ice stalagmites were more impressive.

Explore outdoors and seek adventure!

P.S. I cut out the footage took inside the cave as the GoPro HD shoots poorly in low light conditions...

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  1. Gorgeous photos, but I have to admit...I'm SO glad the cold weather has moved out of my state (for now...hopefully for good!) I love warm summer days at the lake and can't wait to go swimming. :)

    Enjoy your winter weather. I hope it lasts a little while longer for you, as I know you love it!!

  2. Thanks Heather! I just love good weather :-) and now this late snow and cold is good weather for me.

  3. I can see that you had your share of fun. Makes me feel sorry that I stayed home...


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