Free Skydiving T-shirt Vector Design - Overweight Skydiver

Funny Skydiving Vector DesignGet this funny print design for your skydiving T-shirt in GIF format

Original design created by Gabriel Raileanu who started his own art blog where he also posts his fimo jewelry creations. Happy Toes - Smiley Face on Toe

If you're interested in having your own custom T-shirt design feel free to contact him. He can also create cartoon or comic book characters.

All hand drawings on Highball Blog are his work so go over to his site and thank him for these awesome extreme sports T-shirt prints.

Fat Skydiver Drawing - Vector
Download this skydiving drawing for your T-Shirt in:

Skydiver Disintegrates - Drawing
Get the disintegrating skydiver print design for your hoodie in:

Skydiving T-shirt Design - Parachute
Download the skydiver skeleton with skin parachute for your T-shit in:

Funny Skydiving T-shirt Design
Get the two phases of fat skydiver in GIF format

Skydiving T-shirt and Hoodie Vector Prints
Check out this other free skydiving T-shirt design.


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  1. Wow,
    Amazing .... Funny print design and Skydivers T shirts...
    i love this i would like to do it some time ....

  2. These are great. I've always wanted to try skydiving. However, when i do try it hopefully that won't be my end result..:o)


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