How To Do the Bunny Hop - Trial Bike Video

The bunny hop - probably the most useful bike trick ever.

Here at Vito Sport, we like to recommend all of the useful tips every mountain biker should know. And one of them is the bunny hop. Looking back, we see it as one of the first things most riders learn, sometimes even before the ability to conquering wheelies. And what’s best about them is that they get you out of trouble – constantly! It allows you to cover ground fast, efficiently and safely at speed.

The proper bunny hop is learnt on flat pedals - you don’t pull up on the pedals to lift the rear wheel; instead you only push back on them.

As you approach your obstacle to hop, lean back and pull up and back on the handlebars. As you do so, stand tall and extend your legs to help pivot the bike on the rear wheel - further pushing the front wheel up. As the wheel comes up, you need to move your weight forwards and start flicking your feet back to scoop the bike up.

This motion is the one thing that takes a while to perfect, so practice over something soft and moveable before you try logs!

As the rear wheel starts to come up, tuck your legs up underneath you and extend your arms in front of you to get maximum extension of the bunny hop - then start to release and prepare to absorb the landing.

Sounds complicated, but really it’s quite easy. You just need to get the hang of it first.

In our opinion, it is an easy skill to learn, a little trickier to master, but the best skill you can have. For more tips, check out Vito Sport. Or to see trials biking in action check out Animal Relentless at Newquay.

Guest post by Vito Sport - a mountain bike and trial bike dedicated website. They also organize events all around UK. Take a look, jump on board and enjoy the ride!  

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