How To Install The New Firmware on Your GoPro HD Camera (Video)

Step 1 - GoPro HD Firmware Update - Download and Transfer (watch video)

Step 2 - How to Install Firmware

Exciting news for outdoorsy people: The GoPro guys released a new firmware for the GoPro HD camera (v02.05.11) that adds new functionalities to your sports cam.

If firmware sounds strange for you (as it did for me) then let's call it software. What this means is that you can now enjoy new menu features on your camera just by installing the new version of the firmware (why didn't they call it companyware or, if the company is big and has a bunch of old men dressed in expensive suits as execuives, corporationware?).

What you need to do?

Visit this page and enter your name and email address in the form at the bottom of the page. They say the email address in needed for support purposes (as if they are going to know when you're in trouble - perhaps they'll email you first). Oh well, you'll be on their email list so you'll be notified when a new companyware is released.

GoPro HD Firmware Download Form

After downloading the zip file to your computer follow these instructions.

What are the best new features?

One Button Mode

One Button Mode simplifies recording video and photos with your HD HERO. With One Button Mode, your camera will start recording video or photos automatically when you power the camera 'ON' and will only stop recording when you power the camera 'OFF'. The shutter button is deactivated in One Button Mode. You can only turn the camera on and off, making it the perfect setting for loaning it to friends or newbies.

Upside Down Mode (UPd)

Now you can take videos and photos with the camera mounted upside down without having to rotate the files later. In UPd, all videos and photos will be saved to your SD card right-side up.
Enjoy outdoors!

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  1. Just a bit of advise...
    Only update the firmware if you actually need the feature. If anything goes wrong with updating the firmware, your camera becomes un-useable, and you will have to send it to GoPro to be fixed... use with caution.

  2. Lio
    Hi,i'm new with this great cam,i have a question why i can't do this ''Upside Down Mode (UPd)'' my cam dont have this UP mode!?

  3. Hi, Lio! Watch the second video in the article to see how to turn your GoPro to UPd mode. This only works with the new firmware which must be installed on the camera beforehand.

    I personally have't upgraded the firmware on my cam yet. I prefer to "flip" the footage within my video editor.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!


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