Find Out Where Mountain Hardwear Manufactures Their Outdoor Apparel and Gear

Mountain Hardwear Mountaineering Jacket

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that most outdoor apparel and mountain gear brands manufacture their stuff within a few factories in China. Just as the most important bicycle brands manufacture their mountain bikes in a few factories in Thailand.

If you’ve heard of Mountain Hardwear, Mammut, Lafuma, Timberland and wondered where exactly they manufacture their Gore Tex jackets, T-shirts, fleeces and back packs then here it is:

Outdoor Sky, Xiamen – China Website:

The apparel company offers custom samples (paid) and international shipping via DHL or TNT.

OUTDOORSKY's commitment to performance, innovation and quality has ensured a worldwide reputation for producing performance clothing. We manufacture raincoats, jackets, outerwear and trousers, which are all waterproof & breathable and suit for foul weather. Our product range includes sailing collection, motorcycling collection, skiing collection, mountaineering collection, fishing collection and hiking collection. Wearing OUTDOORSKY ensures you benefit from leading fabric technology, innovative design, style and above all, a commitment to quality that is recognised wherever you go, whatever you do.
Cordura, E-vent, Thinsulate are just a few of the technical fabrics they work with.

There you have it. If you plan to launch a new mountain apparel & gear brand, you know where to find the best manufacturer of sports technical clothing in the world.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures!

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  1. Hi Constantin,

    The link to is broken and I cant find anything while searching online. Any ideas?


    1. Hey Kevin, I fixed the link. Now it's working.

      This happened because they had a different URL for their home page (with some index suffix) but now they changed it.



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