How To Get a Job at Specialized - The Bike Manufacturer

If you've dreamed about working at one of the best bicycle manufacturers out there then here's what you need to know and have in order to land a job at Specialized:

  • An innate understanding about bikes and cycling - If you're not a hard core bike geek, you may struggle a bit to fit in at Specialized...
  • Education is of value but it's not an end-all to getting a job.
  • A passion for the Specialized brand, for riding, understanding the retail setting. If you've worked in a bike shop and know what the consumer wants that's the equivalent of a PhD. 
  • Keep your cover letter short, succinct, catchy, and try to highlight your passion for bike retail and your previous related experience (if that's the case). 
  • Be well prepared, get familiar with culture and the athletes. 
  • If you're in for a marketing position, be creative and bold - come up with ideas for ads, make your own presentation, send them your YouTube videos (related to biking of course). In other words, go there and dazzle them!

Other reasons to work at Specialized include:
  • Incentives if you ride your bike to work.
  • A van that allows you to keep your monthly commuting expenses below $40.
  • An in-house gym with all the fitness machines you can think of.
  • Free bagels on Fridays - a nice environment where you can meet the rest of the team and get social (live, one on one, or one to many - not through a screen like on Facebook).
  • You can bring your pet. Wow! Now that's new on the market. If your dog or cat or lizard is well behaved then they can be part of the Specialized team.
  • And let's not exclude the Specialized Lunch Ride (watch video below). 

Paolo Bettini - 2008 Specialized Tarmac SL2 Commercial

So, want to have a job at Specialized? Click here to find out more.

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  1. Well, I've got the geek part down...

  2. I'm not that geek but I guess I could come up with a few good marketing ideas for their products. :-)

  3. I think everyone who frequents this blog probably has the geek thing down... myself included!

  4. :-) Wow! I had no idea about the geekness of Highball Blog audience. But that's totally cool!


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