How To Share and Manage Your GPS Tracks

Breadcrumbs is the first web application of its kind, where you can manage GPS tracks, photos and videos in one place - it can be thought of as Flickr for GPS tracks.

What you can do with Breadcrumbs:

Relive your adventure: Breadcrumbs brings together photos, videos and GPS tracks in one quick and easy process and the 3D playback function brings the track alive.
Edit and manage: The application comes with a suite of tools which lets you edit and manage your GPS tracks, photos and videos. These include:

  • Automated geotagging of photos.
  • Track editing tool to correct GPS points.
  • Add information to your adventure to help tell the story, such as show where you ate your lunch or spotted some wildlife.

Organize: It offers a rich set of tools to help you manage trails.
Share: Breadcrumbs makes it easy to share your adventures, with options including a public page for each track and direct integration with Facebook.

Take the tour and learn more about Breadcrumbs here.

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  1. Well, that seems to be a very cool app. Seems that my smartphone is compatible with their maps format, so I can't wait to test it. I hope it's not a lot of work to be done in order to save a track :)


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