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Win Free Climbing Gear

UPDATE 24 Feb 2011: This contest has reached its deadline. 

Thank you all for participating! I hope you are well and you'll continue climbing during 2011 and further in the future. 

Winners are as follows:
Thank you Appalachian Outdoors for the opportunity!

Wanna win some mountain climbing gear? Well, you can.

The guys at Appalachian Outdoors decided to start the year being generous, giving you the chance to add a new piece of gear to your climbing kit.

How to enter the outdoor giveaway

Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Share this article on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know about the contest as well. We want this to be a competition so bring in competitors. :-)
  2. Visit AppOutdoors' Facebook page and friend them up.
  3. Write a comment to this post and tell us one reason why you started climbing (or one reason why you want to start rock climbing). 
Tips: Use a public profile to comment. This allows us to know who you are and ensures we can contact you by e-mail in case you win. If you don’t have a blog or a Google account you can use the link of your Facebook or Twitter profile to comment using the Name/URL option. Anonymous comments won't be taken into account.

What can you win?

We want to give small things to more people instead of a big prize to just one person. Here’s the prize list:
Each prize will be shipped free of charge to one of you (in USA).

How we decide who wins

Each of you should have a chance so we decided to go for merit and luck as follows:
  • AppOutdoors will choose one winner according to their originality and craziness (they’ll give the quickdraw)
  • Constantin Gabor (why am I talking about myself in the third person?) will chose another winner based on the honesty and emotional touch of your comment (I’ll give the chalk bag)
  • We’ll use for the last two prizes. The locking carabiner will go to the Xth commentator and the chalk will go to the Yth commentator (Y being higher than X).
The contest starts today, 09 January 2011, and ends on 09 February 2011. This means the 9th of February is the last day you can submit your comment.

Note: We’re trying to keep spammers off, so comments on Highball Blog are subject to moderation before being published. If you don’t see your comment up on the website right away, don’t worry. You’ll see it later in the day or maybe the next day. Be patient.

This outdoor giveaway contest is for USA residents only.

We expect you to be honest and comment only once using your real online profile. If for some reason we suspect one person to be behind multiple accounts/comments then we would regard that as spam, remove the comments and consequently disqualify that person.

However, outdoorsy people are nice people and we trust you.

This post will be updated after the 9th of February 2010, announcing the winners along with links to their websites or blogs.

Good luck, climbers and wannabe climbers alike! Cheers!

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  1. As most of the fun things in life started in our childhood. As a kid I was climbing on all the trees of the surrounding hills.

    Later on I rode my mountain bike with friends to the lake. We climbed the cliffs and called the terrace our spot. Ever since I'm looking for the peaks to conquer for hike, bike or climb.

  2. I started climbing just to prove to an ex boyfriend that i could, and once i started i loved it. The relationship didn't last, but my love of climbing did!

  3. I was born with a birth defect that left me without a right pectoral muscle and several other small ones around that area. As you can imagine most sports were out of the question for me. Fourteen years later my brother's sugar momma took us climbing and it was something that I could do despite my defect and now five years after that I work in a climbing gym, go to climbing competitions and make outdoor trips pretty frequently. Climbing has given me something that as a child I never thought I would feel in my life and thats confidence in myself. I owe a lot to the sport and the people that make it so great.

  4. I started climbing almost a decade ago and quit because of a bad experience. I just got back into it again, and realize that I absolutely LOVE it.

  5. I'll climb anything with the proper instruction and equipment....God knows I've done it without.

  6. I returned to climbing by treating myself to a winter ascent of Mt Washington in 2007. We didn't make it, but the guides were so inspiring that I went home and tok a rock climbing class to expand my skills and take advantage of some local crags. That led to inddor climbing as an attempt to hone my minimal skills. It really all started however, as a boy, when my parents took us to Joshua Tree to scramble around on the rocks.

  7. I have never climbed but living close to the White Mtns of New Hampshire certainly gives me plenty of opportunity to give it a try!

    Why have I never climbed before?
    Well for a good part of my adult life I was trapped by and extra 100lbs of fat. I could not climb off the couch without help never mind climb a mountain.

    In the last 2 years I have lost over 100lbs, become a runner, triathlete and all out adventure junkie.

    I have a friend (Haley-you rockstar) who climbs and I amazed at what she has done! It looks like SO much fun and now that I have the physical ability to do it, well...the sky is the limit right??

    Oh and I am not making this up as some sad story to try and win something. If you would like to see for yourself please stop by MY blog to see where I was 2 years ago and where I am now

  8. Inspiring story, Jennifer! Thank you for entering.

  9. I started rock climbing because I love the accomplished feeling. You get to the end of a long run and sometimes you feel great and sometimes you don't. You get to the top of a wall and you feel like you own the world.

  10. I started climbing at Planet Rock's indoor climbing gym in Ann Arbor just a few months ago. It was scary! Okay, let's back up. The reason I started climbing is actually because I have a huge fear of heights. I know it sounds crazy. However I love outdoor sports and rock climbing just looks like so much fun. So I decided to climb and get over my fear of heights. It still holds me back sometimes, when I have to make a lunge or risky move at a height. But I just remind myself I'm roped in and push through the moments that scare me. It gets easier each time I go and I hope that one day I'll no longer be held back by my fear of heights. Or any fear in my life for that matter.

    Thanks Constantin, for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Love the site, man.

  11. I got into climbing because of my friends.They kept going, and i was interested and have always wanted to do it.The first time, i was hooked, and picked up on it quick.
    I hope to enter some bouldering competitions soon. I love rock climbing, and it's a passion.

  12. I started climbing when I saw a movie about Uli Steck at a film festival. Watching him climb was like watching a masterpiece being created. I was in awe and knew I had to learn how. I poured over movies and read climbing books and was hooked before I even stepped inside a harness. I love the passion and attitude of the people that surround me, it has opened a new world to me!


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