How To Glue Cracked GoPro Case and Mounts with Bison Power Adhesive

GoPro Clamp Glued

Here's a fact: If you use your GoPro HD camera heavily (as it's supposed to be used), you will get your case cracked and your mounts destroyed. It's just a matter of time until this will happen.

Actually this post completes my GoPro HD review and I'm here to tell you about glue...

Yes. You need to repair the micro cracks that your camera case and mounts will get from all the vibrations, crashes, drops and what not. And the answer is a strong polyurethane glue such as Bison Power Adhesive. It's basically a resin type glue that you get by mixing the two pastes (glue and hardener).

The glue is supposed to be used for the most difficult bonds (it says that on the package). Other things I used it for were telescopic trekking poles (I attached the hard rubber tip which has the Widia tip on the aluminum pole) and to glue the rear view mirror on the windshield of my last car.

GoPro Case and Mount Flaw

Crack in GoPro Two Piece Arm

GoPro Case & Mount Flaw

The cracks occur not only due to shocks taken by the camera but also because of poor constructions of elements and  weak materials. I believe they could have used a stronger plastic for an action camera...

For instance, when you attach your GoPro Hero to the two piece arm, there's a tiny gap between the case elements (teeth) and the mount elements (see pictures above), which make the mount teeth bend and crack. And if you're going downhill with your bike at 40 miles per hour and loose your camera... Well, you can guess how happy you'll be.

Bison Power Adhesive

Bisonite Resin Adhesive and Hardener

Bison Glue and Hardener - Power Adhesive

Epoxy Resin Glue

Spatula and Glue

Resin Glue Bison

So my solution to buy some time and extend the life of your GoPro case, clamp (that locks the back door of the case) and mounts is to observe if there are any micro cracks and fix the problem with a strong glue.

How to repair your mounts & GoPro case
  1. Mix the two pastes until you get a homogeneous color and consistence. Use a spatula and/or a paper clip.
  2. Take the mount (element you want to repair) and add some pressure as to open the micro cracks.
  3. Add some glue in the cracks. Press the glue in with your finger.
  4. Add extra glue on a larger surface on the crack and around the crack. It will look ugly but it will hold better.

GoPro Clamp Glued

GoPro Case Clamp

GoPro Case Crack

Notice the crack in the lens rim (above picture - click for larger view). Gotta fix that as well as I don't want the case to leak when shooting underwater footage.

GoPro Mount Element Crack

Resin Glue on GoPro Case Clamp

GoPro Case Clamp

The clamp - first element that got broken (almost broke in half). I think they could make this out of aluminum since it's a part subjected to constant pressure and frequent maneuvering. Each time you come home from your shooting sessions (climbing and cliff jumping, doing bike stunts, etc.) you wanna download all your action clips, right? So you open your case, hence the wear and tear the clamp is subjected to.

Micro Cracks in GoPro Lens Rim

Take care while you're out there. Happy video shooting!

PS - At some point I'm gonna have to buy a new two arm piece...and maybe a new case.

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  1. Good GoPro posts! I ordered a new case (Sunday) already since I custom drilled a hole for the TV output and I have some small nicks on the exterior lens from trees or stones. The old case will be my dedicated, non-waterproof tree camera case. A piece of electrical tape over the hole to keep out debris and I'm good to go. BTW the hole I drilled is a very exact fit for the TV plug.


  2. I never used the TV plug, but I don't have a TV either. :-)

    Yeah, a new case is a must for me in the following period. The resin glue buys me some time for the moment...

  3. You know they replace most of this stuff for free under warranty? here's a great fix for a go pro broken door latch


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