Win a Suunto Core Watch - Contest: Share Your "Core" Story

Suunto Core Watch

Update: This contest has reached its deadline. Thanks to all who entered.

If you're an adventurer that needs to get things done:
  • on time (time & date, alarms, countdown timer and stopwatch)
  • at a certain altitude (altimeter)
  • in a certain geographical area (compass)
  • in good weather (barometer, storm alarm, temperature
then here's your chance to win a Suunto Core Watch ($299). As you may know, Suunto is known to manufacture excellent (rugged and smart) adventure watches for all types of outdoor atheltes: mountaineers, climbers, paragliding addicts, divers, trekkers, etc. 

How to enter the contest 

It's easy. Go to or to Tactical Gear Facebook page and leave a comment with your most hardcore adventure story.

Whether you almost died during your last ascent or you just soared with eagles with your para glider - you tell the story and Tactical Gear will give you the watch.

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. The contest ends at noon on July 1 and the winner will be announced on July 6.


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  1. I've registered.

    Thanks :-)

  2. I definitely want one of those watches! The price is not right, though.

  3. Yeah Suunto watches rock! I think the price varies according to specific models. They're not cheap that's for sure.


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