Be Interesting and Win a Technical Outdoor Hoodie by Röjk - Gear Giveaway

Technical Hoodie by Rojk

Update: This contest has reached it's deadline. Thank you all for entering and thank you Röjk for the opportunity!

The winners are:

GirlSuper Angie
Answer from Röjk Superwear: You have understood our mission that being outdoors does not mean you have to look boring, now you can look as supercool as us.

Answer from Röjk Superwear: We want to provide outstanding technical gear for active outdoor people who dare to look cool with our good looking gear. You will definitely look supercool.


It's time to be interesting and win an outdoor technical hoodie, a beanie and a pair of Primaloft/Merino socks from Röjk - a cool young Swedish company that's envioronmental friendly and supports ethical sportswear.

What you have to do to win all this cool stuff

It's simple.
  • Share this contest on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Leave a comment here on the blog or on Facebook and tell us why you want the hoodie (and the rest of the items)
The most creative/interesting/crazy answer will be rewarded by Röjk with colorful, snug and warm outdoor clothing.

By the way, did you know that Röjk's Helmet Hood is the winner of Best Design and Innovation at Innovation for Extremes Award in 2007?

Technical Socks Primaloft by Rojk Sweden

There are two prizes actually

One set for men and another for women.

So if you enter, invite your sweetheart to join as well. At least this way there's a better chance for the prize to land in the family. :-)

We're talking about high quality apparel, made of technical fabrics that keep you warm and dry. You can use the hoodie as an insulating base layer under your wind-stopper shell or GoreTex Jacket. I'm already in love with mine.

Outdoor Hoodie by Rojk Sweden

Who can participate 


This giveaway is open to participants all over the world. Röjk will ship the prize to you, no matter where you live.

Women Technical Hoodie

Stretch Beanie by Rojk Sweden

The deadline of this contest is 31st Jan 2012

You can submit your creative comments until 31st January 2012 but you might as well post your comment now so you won't forget about it.

Stretch Hoodie by Rojk


  • If you comment on the blog, use a public profile so we can reach you via email if you win.
  • You must Like the Highball page before commenting on Facebook
So be creative and leave a comment.


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  1. Blue is like my best color ever. I know this will look so good on me. I can also wear this stuff in my next adventure. Good looking stuff.

  2. Yes Please! Its Pink, what more can I say? I love looking all girlie when I go out Ice Climbing or climbing mountains, or when I'm ice skating and training hard for my next comp. I'm always in a cold environment--ice rinks are cold!! I see so many woman only wear frumpy sweatshirts and yucky sweats. I refuse. I believe we can play sports but still look awesome. And those socks look very hightech--with obvious compression areas built it. Awesome stuff!

  3. The cuteness of these clothes are going to make my head explode! I agree with Angie, there is no reason to look frumpy just because it's cold outside. Love the styling, I had to check out the website. :)

  4. The outdoor it's my place and if I can look good with crappy gear and still get girls and have a blast in my adventures, imagine what I could do looking this good! Latin lover of the nature!

    1. I might as well put my name and email since this phone doesn't let me log in to my google account! Jorge kleiss

    2. Jorge, you articulated one of the deepest male desires. Don't we do it all for the girls? :-)

  5. This would be the perfect replacement for my decapitated jacket. My "decapitated jacket" is what I call my favorite running shirt. Last year I took a long run. About 20 min in I realized I dressed too warm and stashed it in a tree to pick up on the way back. When I got back it was laid out on the ground with the hood removed. I thought it was a mean joke until I saw the peanut butter streaks. I had hugged my son on the way out the door and he was eating a PBJ. Some critter must have eaten the peanut butter infused fabric. So a new hooded sweater would be great right about now.

  6. Give it to Jorge...he s funny!!

  7. Need the hoodie. Nice! Twittered about it too.

  8. Don't wanna support the production of abaselayers in Asia. Röjk is made in Europe and fantastic gear and blue my yfavourite colour.

  9. this gear looks great. my current hoodie has holes in the arm for my kitten. she could keep this for her bed and the new Rojk will be mine all mine
    thanks and regards

    1. when i win this cool gear, you can email me
      thank you

  10. Sweet looking hoodie. First and foremost, I love my gear for how it performs, but if it looks good too, that's gravy. Seems like you guys have a sweet company going on, and I hope you do well. If I win, I'll send you a picture of me on a mountaintop in Colorado posing in the same position as the photo of the grey and blue hoodie. I appreciate that you're making your stuff in Europe as well, it's difficult to put ethics ahead of production costs. Well done. In case it doesn't show up:

  11. The hoddie looks super fitted to all my gear ,wich is black/blue...most of it,and seriously my actual hoddie is to old to face the coldnes of my winter alpine tours.
    I would love to wear the Rojk outdoor technical hoodie in my next adventures here in Romania's mountains.
    So come to papa ... hoddie!!!

  12. Whooaa :O This hoody can be won!? That's great news!
    Ever since I saw Hendrik wearing one of these beaty's in his advent videos, I wanted one. They looked great and the fit seemed rather perfect.
    So I took a look at some online shops but noticed not a lot of online dealers sold RÖJK, the ones who did had shipping costs (Sweden - Belgium, who knew?) that it was way over my student's budget.

    Speaking of which: I spent it to go hiking in Finland and Sweden this summer. I just don't want to offend the local clothing manufacterers with some silly far east garment... So these locally made hoodies would be such a great companion on those and other trips.

  13. I am going to play "Norway.Today" an existential romantic comedy about two lost souls searching for the meaning of life in death.
    My name is Julie and i am going to jump of a cliff atop Pulpit Rock, a 2000 ft. cliff in Norway...
    Don't you think i need to be wearing outdoor technical hoodie, a beanie and a pair of Primaloft/Merino socks from Röjk?!!!
    I mean it.


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