GoPro RotoR Mount or How to Get a 360° View of Yourself while Doing Action Sports - Video

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How to Shoot Smooth Footage with Your GoPro and a DIY Steadicam

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Rotor GoPro

You can get some amazing footage with your GoPro HD camera using the RotoR rotating helmet pole.

It's an interesting rotor - 360 degrees swivel mount - that enables you to capture video of yourself from different angles. All this while you're dong your thing - mountain biking, skiing or whatever.

To make it work you'll need (sounds like a recipe doesn't it?):
  • Two GoPro cameras to balance the pole - team up with a friend I'd say 
  • A curved sticky mount on your helmet
  • A quick release sliding buckle 
  • Two handlebar mounts
When the pole swivels, the cams rotate around you. So the cameras will record a 360 degree view of yourself as you're engaged into your favorite action. Neat stuff!

GoPro Rotor

I think it's a bit expensive (300 Euros) but I guess the effect is worth it.

However, I can envision myself doing a DIY. The pole seems to be connected to the the helmet trough a universal joint gimbal and that's something I'm very fond of. :-)

If you wanna purchase it (from Italy), you have to send them an email and they'll get back to you with a shipping estimate and a Paypal address. Go to

Keep shooting your outdoor adventures!

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    think it's not expensive (25 Euros) and I guess the effect is worth it.

    1. Yup. Looks like a similar effect. Where can we get the product?

    2. You can find also an inexpensive Gopro Swivel mount called GoSpin360 at

      When you see the videos with the Gospin360, I think it os the same effect and your are not obliged to buy 2 cameras !


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