DigiSlider Review - Motorized Slider (Dolly) for Dynamic Time Lapse Videos

Camera Slider with Slow Motor by DigiSlider
Digi Slider Motorized Dolly
Digilsider Motorized Dolly for Timelapse

My friend said: this thing is doing the work for me while I relax. :-) And he's right. You can't beat a moving time lapse shot, right?

I'm a bit busy these days so this is gonna be a quick review which I'll update as I use the DigiSlider more.

Let me just say that the biggest selling point of this slider is the motor - that's the most important piece for me. You can easily set up a timelapse shooting with the slow motor. Also, this seems to be the most affordable motorized slider on the market today (31 Oct 2013).

If you're into timelapse photography you need the shoot-move-shoot motor controller. I guess you can do it with the regular controller as well if you shoot in broad daylight (when you don't need long exposure for your shots) - otherwise, your shots will look blurry as the carriage is moving when each photo is taken.

Camera Slider by DigiSlider
Motorized Camera Slider Dolly
Slider by DigiSlider

  • Solid.
  • Handy crank handle for manual mode.
  • Multiple threaded holes in the rail for various set-ups with two tripods.
  • If you only get the motor (slow or fast) you can definitely use it with other sliders - so if you already own a slider, you can transform it into a wicked timelapse machine by adding the motor and a belt (or rope).
Dolly Slider with Time Lapse Motor
Motorized Slider by DigiSlider
Camera Slider for Motorized Timelapse Shots

  • Heavy (the rail itself is thick and thus heavy).
  • It's a friction based slider - plastic bushings running on the aluminum rail (no ball bearings) - this can be an advantage because you don't want it moving too fast when you operate it manually but I find it harder to slide the carriage when the camera is heavy. Also when you wanna slide and pan at the same time. You can opt for the roller carriage if you want less friction. 
  • There's a bit of a wobble when the crank handle makes a full turn. If your two tripods are not solid, you'll see the slight wobble in the footage.
  • You can't use the slider in manual mode when the motor is attached. I wish there was an even faster way to take the motor off (you do it by turning two knob-screws).
  • A bit intimidating to assemble - lots of parts that you need to put together. Print out the instructions PDFs from their website.
  • Legs sold separately...
Slow Motor DigiSlider
Timelapse Motor Controller on Camera Slider
Timelapse Motorized Dolly
Constantin Gabor with Motorized Dolly Slider
Dolly Slider with Motor for Timelapse

Other tech details
  • The motor is powered by batteries trough a controller. I got the MK II controller that works with either a 9V battery or an array of 8 1.5 V standard AA batteries (battery holder). It's a bit more expensive than the standard controller but at least you have 2 options when it comes to power. 
  • Max speed 5 min/meter, slow speed 1.5 to 3 hours/meter (depending o power source) - all this with the high torque Slow Motor. It moves up to 5 kg/11 lbs maximum for vertical movement

Is it perfect?

Nope. But it works great for timelapse shots and that's great for me. Now I can capture those sunsets and sunrises.

Not to mention that I look cool. Plus, my clients are already being impressed when I show up with this baby. :-) (Just happened to me yesterday).

DigiSlider Motrized Dolly Slider Constantin Gabor
Motorised Dolly Constantin Gabor
Dolly Slider by DigiSlider

So what I'm saying is I'm gonna use this for timelapse shots mostly and I'll get a ball bearing slider with adjustable folding legs for manual shots.

Drop questions in the comments if you have any.

Disclosure: I bought the slider myself and they offered me a significant discount. Cheers for that, guys! I really appreciate it.

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  1. Hello, one question. How to make a time lapse with a HX9V?


    1. Hi Joseph!

      You simply shoot footage and then you speed up the video. That's how you get a timelapse. Use ISO mode when shooting in low light.

      You'll find details on how to do it in this tutorial.


  2. Worst customer service ever, stay away from this product, its cheap and of low quality. You are better off spending a few more bucks and buy a proper brand..They set aside any kind of customer service, I had a faulty controller and still no words on getting a new one..


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