ENO DoubleNest Hammock Review (+ Atlas Straps and Twilights LED Camp Lights)

ENO Double Nest
How can I sleep more comfortably when I'm camping?

This is a question asked by many outdoors enthusiasts who sleep in tents. No matter if you carry a 1" thick sleeping mat it'll never be quite as comfortable as your bed at home... Or so I thought!

Well I've got a solution, and it comes from Eagle's Nest Outfitters, makers of high quality hammocks and accessories.

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock

The ENO DoubleNest hammock is a large gathered end camping hammock designed to be able to fit two people. Why would I, as a solo backpacker, need a double hammock you ask? The answer is simple: I like to be comfortable as I sleep!

ENO Hammock Setup
The hammock set up

This hammock is designed to be a lightweight camping hammock, but that doesn't mean it lacks in features...

The DoubleNest packs away into it's own attached compression sack, this means there's no more running around trying to catch it as it disappears into the wilderness!

The stuff sack cinches closed with a cord and an interesting cord adjuster, and also has a webbing strap stitched to the side with a good quality ENO branded snap buckle. This allows you to compress the whole hammock (including suspension carabiners) down to a ball that fits in one hand! (About the size of a grapefruit) Another useful feature of the compression sack is that when the hammock is in use it acts as a storage sack, useful for a torch, mobile phone, etc.

ENO Hammock in Compression Sack
The hammock in its compression sack
The compression sack matches the colours of your hammock and has a large ENO label on each side.

The hammock comes with a pair of aluminium wire gate carabiners to hang it from your suspension straps (sold separately) which are rated to 400lbs. These are much lighter than the climbing carabiners many people use!

The carabiners are a smart way to attach your hammock to your suspension straps, making adjustment quick and easy, ENO definitely did a great job when it comes to easy adjustment and set up.

Unfortunately the DoubleNest doesn't come supplied with a bug net, a feature most camping hammocks in this price range have. ENO do however sell a removable bug net, called the Guardian, but at $59.95 it's quite an expensive addition to your hammock.

Materials and Construction

The hammock is constructed from a single layer of high quality breathable, quick-drying nylon. Since it's a single layer of thin material it feels as if it shouldn't hold your weight but the entire hammock is rated to 400lbs so I'm expecting it to hold up fine for many years!

The ENO DoubleNest hammock is available in loads of colour combinations to suit your preferences, I was sent the Navy/Forest hammock, but I think my favourite is probably the Orange/Silver. There are certainly plenty of colours to choose from!

All other materials (hardware and webbing) are very high quality, I really can't see any part of this hammock failing!

Each seam on the hammock is triple stitched for security and safety. Unlike some other hammocks I've had in the past I've seen absolutely no loose stitches and no signs of any coming loose. This certainly is a very well constructed hammock.


Forget setting up complicated slings with sliding loops and other silly stuff, check out the the ENO Atlas Straps.

I was sent a pair of ENO's Atlas Straps to hang the hammock, and doing that couldn't have been easier. The straps are an absolute breeze to set up; loop around the tree, clip the hammock to the desired height, and "Hey Presto" your hammock is up! I've used whoopie slings, webbing tapes and even climbing rope, but for the extra couple of grams I'd choose the Atlas straps over these any day. (Can you tell that I like them?)

I have no worries using these straps, after a few days of hammocking in the Mourne Mountains quickly setting up on rough trees the straps have shown a little wear, but nothing worrying for now (only getting slightly fluffy on the edges). The fact that these straps are made from 1" poly filament webbing means they are completely tree friendly, meaning they won't rip the bark off trees! Like the hammock, these straps are triple stitched on each loop, no worries about failure there!

I can imagine these straps holding up pretty well against wear, although once they do begin to wear badly they'll be much more expensive to replace than some home made whoopie slings...

Carabiners in ENO Hammock
The carabiners allow easy adjustment

I found the DoubleNest to be one of the most comfortable hammocks I've slept in. The extra room of the double hammock was definitely worth it for someone like me who tosses and turns in their sleep!

I did find however that sleeping bags and hammocks really aren't a great combination, I ended up getting tangled, bunched up, and got the infamous "cold butt syndrome" during my trip. If you're thinking of buying this hammock, or any other camping hammock, I'd say an underquilt and topquilt are pretty much essential for a comfortable nights sleep.

ENO sell their own underquilts and topquilts designed to work with their hammocks (maybe another review?) but there are many other manufacturers out there. (Just google hammock underquilt and you'll get loads of commercial and DIY versions)

My main annoyance is the lack of a bug net. In the Mournes there are plenty of annoying insects to keep you awake, however for other places I realise this isn't an issue. Maybe even a simple Velcro-on design would be appropriate.

However the lack of a bug net means you can use the hammock as a chair for lounging around camp, it works really well!

ENO Hammock
Can be used as a comfy chair too! :)
  • Really, really comfortable
  • Quality materials and solid construction
  • Plenty of colour choices
  • Integrated compression stuff sack
  • Quick drying
  • Easy setup
  • Small pack size
  • Loads of space, could actually fit two!
  • Quite heavy compared to other camping hammocks
  • Relatively expensive for a camping hammock
  • No bug net (although you can buy them separately)
  • Needs a tarp if it's rainy weather (essential in the UK!)

Overall the ENO DoubleNest is a fantastic hammock, I wouldn't hesitate to take it on many other camping trips!

For some the weight may be too much, but for me the extra space and comfort is unparalleled and definitely worth the extra tiny bit of weight.

For $69.95 (about £45) it's quite expensive compared to similar hammocks from other manufacturers, especially since it has no bug net.


ENO also make a cool set of lights for your hammock, the Twilights. These come in a handy nylon pouch and weigh only 4oz.

Yeah, I get it, they may seem like a fun novelty that'll wear off in a while. But I disagree, as fun and novel as they may seem, they brighten up a campsite and even help with the inevitable "walking into a tree" thing that seems to happen every camping trip... The great news is they're not only limited to hanging over your hammock, I've had these strung up in a tent, around the campfire, and even at home!

During my latest camping trip in the Mournes I strung the Twilights up above my hammock to light up my tarp, they looked great and gave me enough light to navigate my hammock and even find my rucksack in the dark.

The Twilights take 3AAA batteries and provide 72 hours of light from 23 Ultra-Bright LEDs. They're available with white lights, blue/green lights, and red/yellow lights. Great little things!

Twilights LED Camp Lights
The Twilights in their storing pouch
I wouldn't say they're essential hammocking gear, but they're nice to have, especially if it's your first time hammock camping.

Thanks for reading!

I'd like to thank ENO for the opportunity to review their awesome gear, and Constantin Gabor for allowing me to post my review on his blog!

You can get the ENO DoubleNest, Atlas straps and Twilights at...
Disclaimer: ENO provided me with the products free of charge for this review. This didn't alter my opinion of the products in any way.

Review by Jake McConnell (part of HighballBlog.com outdoor athletes team who test and review outdoor gear).

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