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The Essential Guide To Getting Stronger Fingers and Forearms - How To Build a DIY Climbing Hangboard without Drilling The Walls (worth $17.99)

What's Inside - What You Get:
  • How to build a classic hangboard (classic version and mobile version)
  • Detailed construction blueprints and pictures
  • Video Tutorials and Training Schemes
Climbing Hangboard

Rock Climbing T-shirt - Chalk and Hope a Jug Will Follow
Climbing Shirt - Lead and Fall with Dignity
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Highball Bouldering T-shirt - Climber and Spotter
Bouldering T-shirt for Ladies - Lady Climber

Climbing Shirt - Deep Water Solo - Climber and Fisherman
Climbing T-shirt - Deep Water Soloing

Climbing T-shirt - Feeling Pumped
Hiking Shirt - The Simple Pleasures

Rock Climbing T-shirt - Long Quickdraws
Climbing Shirt - Love Those Slopers (Tits)