GoPro and Smartphone Solar Charger or How To Charge All Your Gadgets while Outdoors

Smartphone Solar Charger
Solar Charger for USB GoPro Port - GoalZero

So you're out there - on the mountains, into the wild, wherever - and the battery of your phone is dead. Same for your camera.

And you desperately want to take some photos or to use the GPS function of your smartphone... But you can't.

Now, these are not serious problems, right?

But what if you get injured and need to call rescue service? Or what if you can help somebody else who's in trouble?

Basically, if you were in a life or death situation and a simple phone call or a map-location service would make the difference, you'd be stranded without power. Electric power - stored in the batteries of your gadgets.

How to prevent that from happening?

GoPro Battery Charger
GoPro USB Solar Charger
USB Solar Charger

Now, I care a lot about shooting and editing videos when I go to cool places. I also work in the photovoltaic panels industry and I use videos to promote our services.

That being said, I always carry with me my GoalZero Nomad 7 portable solar panel/charger so I can charge all my portable electronics:
  • smartphone
  • GoPro HD camera
  • Sony compact camera 
  • MP3 player
  • etc.
Once you have this baby, you can go on long trips without worrying about running out of battery power. It has a USB port and a few other plugs which makes it a universal solar charger.

It's small, light, reliable and you can fold it easily - it's no bigger than a notebook when folded.

And if you want to charge your gadgets while moving, you can hang the solar panel on your backpack - it has loops at each corner for this purpose.

It also works when it's cloudy - so all you need is daylight.

Where to buy your mobile solar charger

The best prices are usually on Amazon so here are the links:
GoPro Charger
Portable Solar Charger
Universal Solar Charger

I used the Nomad 7 to charge my video gear. Here's a sample of my work:

Portable Solar Panel Charging GoPro HD Camera
GoPro Solar Charger
Mobile Solar Panel Charger

Phone Solar Charger
Smart Phone Solar Charger
Smart Phone Solar Charger and Mammut Bivy Tent

You're not limited only to outdoor trips with this charger. If you go out in your garden and simply don't want to use the wall mains to charge your phone or Kindle, you can use the Nomad 7. It's green energy so why would't you use it, right?

I know I charged my phone in the balcony more than I thought I would. :-)

Check out the full review if you wanna know more.

Be safe and take charge!