DWS - Deep Water Soloing Trip in Bulgaria, Tyulenovo 2008

Cliff Jumping in Bulgaria

Summer is here! With all this heat upon me, my mind goes wild recollecting the days we had last year at Tyulenovo, Bulgaria.

It’s quite an usual fact for myself to loose some of the motivation for hard sport climbing during the scorching summer days. I’d rather go cycling, swimming, caving, trekking than sweating on crimpers in an awkward position up on the crux on some crazy route.

Fortunately for me, and many climbers alike, there is one activity that has both the climbing and the summery fun appeal – DWS (deep water soloing). I first learned about DWS some 6 - 7 years ago when I watched the Psicobloc video featuring Klem Loskot and his gang in Mallorca. It really made a powerful impression on me; I was in awe watching the video many times over and I started day dreaming about me and my friends doing the same wild dynos.

 With this new temptation rapidly rooted into our souls we began searching the internet for venues closer to Romania where one can enjoy deep water soloing. Soon enough we found out that Bulgaria had some nice spots for this activity, no further than 50 km from our border. We also found a fellow climber (Nushu) from Brasov who went there, so we had almost all the necessary info to go and check it out for ourselves.

It was no sooner than another few years after this that we finally arrived at Tyulenovo – the small village on the seaside – hot spot for DWS in Bulgaria. Four cars, 18 people, lots of sun, warm sea (Black Sea), beautiful cliffs, a colony of cormorants, a nice beach at Shabla (6 Km North of Tyolenovo) – all this contributed to the joy of our trip which lasted three days. Cliff jumping and bathing were the basic activities; we didn’t climb on hard lines due to the big waves which hit against the rock with brute force, spraying high on the cliffs. 

We followed easy routes for getting out of the water (5a – 6b) just to jump in again, in greater style. No one pushed himself/herself too hard on cruxy lines as one uncontrollable fall could have resulted in injuries – if water is still it’s far more comfortable to try harder routes but this wasn’t the case while we were there.

I can only hope for us to make another trip with at least the number of members that we had last year (summer 2008). One thing is for sure when DWS is on the menu: the bigger the crowd, the greater the courage for the climber/jumper and more fun for the whole team.

Photos taken by Adrian Zdrobis and Catalin Bejan.

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