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Top 10 Reasons Why I Ride a Bike

Gets you over the fear of looking goofy in public
It took a while but I can now wear cycling shorts in public without feeling completely silly. Quite an accomplishment
Great opportunity to take pictures
I love taking pictures so I always stuff a camera in one of my jersey pockets and try to snap a photo or two while I’m out. It’s amazing what you can see while you’re on a ride.
It freaks people out when they ask how far I rode over the weekend
People will occasionally ask me if I’ve been on a ride lately and I usually reply yeah I went on one just the other day. When they ask how far I went and I tell them “Oh 70 miles” I love to see the look of disbelief on their faces when they follow up with “In one day?”
Cycling keeps me in shape
I’ve cycled since I was in college but a couple of years ago I had a blood test and failed it miserably. I used that as an incentive to really hit the training hard and get serious about getting in shape. I haven’t failed a blood test since. I also justify cycling as my own little health care plan. My thinking is for every ride or trainer session that I put in now that will be one more ride I’ll be able to take when I’m a lot older and retired. I’m really hoping that it works out this way.

Cycling allows me to set goals and achieve them
I’ve always tried to set small goals and work toward them but cycling has given me the chance to set major cycling goals and work for months toward them. It’s so rewarding to train for months for a specific ride and then accomplish it. This keeps me active and working toward something all the time.

Cycling makes me feel like a kid again
Every time I hop in my bike and make those first few pedal strokes I remember all over again the sensation of what it was like being a kid and riding a bike. There’s nothing quite like riding a bike other than maybe flying. When I’m out riding I also have the urge to yell “Wooooo-Whoooo” because I’m having such a good time. Some times I do but most of the time that just scares others so I keep it to myself.

Drinking Chocolate milk is encouraged after a ride
I just can’t think of many healthy lifestyle activities where you are encouraged to drink chocolate milk and it’s considered a recovery drink. This is the sport for me.

Cycling is my version of an adventure
Going for a long bike ride to me is an adventure. Even if it’s on a route that I’ve been on hundreds of times before there is always something new to see at the speed of a bike. I don’t have to go to far away destinations to have these adventures either. A lot of times I just sit down at the computer, map out a route that looks rural and download it to my Garmin. Then the fun begins. Some routes are better than others but it’s always fun to go out on a cycling adventure.

Cycling is a good excuse to spend time with my buddy
This is by far the biggest reason I like to ride. Going for a bike ride with my best cycling buddy Jenny (my wife) makes all the difference. It’s a great time to catch up and spend time together. We’ve gone on really long rides and super short ones but they’ve always been fun. Except for that time Jenny broke her shoulder. That one, not so fun.
It’s just plain fun

Mike Jacobsen

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  1. I actually didn't know about the chocolate milk thing. Now I have a legitimate reason for asking my mother to buy chocolate milk (which she never does!). Yayy!

  2. I actually didn't know about the chocolate milk thing. Now I have a legitimate reason for asking my mother to buy chocolate milk (which she never does!). Yayy!


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