Bike Crash Funny Video

Once in a while everyone's bike riding is perturbed by minor or major crashes.That's why protection gear for head and joints is highly recommended for bikers and especially for those who like to push the limits when it comes to speed, tricks and stunts.

However, there's something funny about crashes that leave the biker unharmed and scared. 

Luckily, now we can purchase great portable action cameras in order to document our performance victories and our failures - GoPro Hero camera is the world's smallest, wireless helmet and gear-mountable video camera for outdoor sports.

 A funny bike crash was captured with such a camera by Mihai:

Wear your protection gear and be safe!

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1 comment :

  1. I really don't get why people don't wear helmets when riding...

    Anyway, I also have a GoPro and I love it :)


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