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Hi there, I'm Gareth and i love to ride on my bike. I ride a racing bike and love to get out onto the open road, and here are my ten reasons for doing it.

My ten reasons to ride a bike are:-
1, I enjoy the thrill of an exciting ride. When your mind starts to play tricks on you and you think your trying to win the last sprint of the tour de France.

2, I enjoy the sense of achievement after a hard ride. Then my body usually crumples in front of the TV with a Beer!

3, I love to push myself to my limits to go faster and for longer. The excitement of hitting 50 down a long hill and you know that any second you could hit a rock and crash but it gets the adrenaline going. =P

4, Truthfully, i like to show off to my mates at how fast i can go and for how long I can hold wheelies. There is nothing better than watching the jaws of your friends drop because you've done something amazing.

5, I like the sense of adventure. To be able to ride and not know where the road might take you. Getting lost is the problem though. XD

6, Riding relaxes me after a hard day (even though the rides are usually harder!). Sounds silly, but that's just the way it works for me.

7, it's the one thing that i can actually beat my brother at so i do it all the time just to get 'one up' on him! :))

8, Riding keeps me fit and healthy and gets me into the fresh air. It helps me to sober up after a long, hard party the night before. :P

9, It's great fun. From when i was a little kid just learning to ride, i have always ridden hard and to the best of my abilities. I have always ridden, even in the cold months of winter right through to the hottest days of summer.

10, Last but not least. Thinking. Riding lets me think. Think of the day I'm having, think about home life, well really it helps me to just think about life. Even the day to day things like 'I wonder how my brother did in his exams' (well done to him for the good grades!). It has helped me to cleanse my soul of the problems I have had but most importantly it has brought me closer to the world I live in.

These are my ten reasons for riding my bike.

My story is of a ride not to long ago. It was a cool summer morning and my brother and I decided to go on a ride out into the countryside where I live. so we set off into the morning breeze. After a good 20 miles we reached a landmark called 'the old battlefield line' (it was an old railway line). Anyway we decided to turn back and we got to the hills leading down into the valley that my home town sits in. We started to head down a long hill. 20 Mph, 25 Mph, 30 Mph. we hit a bend in the road and we started the speed around it when suddenly a hare jumped out into the road in front of us. My brother swung wide missing the poor creature by inches, then it froze. Directly in front of my wheel. Just as i swerved to miss it the hare dived the same way landing just as my front wheel went straight into the poor animals side. It died instantly, thank God, so it didn't suffer, but for me it was completely the opposite. I caught air off of the hare and land with too much speed and swinging too wide to make the bend. I slammed on the brakes and skidded across the road and into the bank on one side. The bank was about 5 feet tall and somehow I managed to come off my bike and fly straight over the top of the bank. Luckily it didn't drop 5 feet the other side and I landed in some long grass which softened my fall. I was fine, but a little shaken. So me and my brother biked back home with a story to tell our mates.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Gareth Kavanagh

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  1. my rappelling photo is in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Thanks for following!


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