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Hi! I'm Janelle from Canada, and these are the top ten reasons why I ride a bike:

1. When you crash (always with a helmet on, of course), you have scars you can brag about for weeks!

2. Just the adrenaline! Pumping up a steep hill in 3rd gear just gets it flowing and when you break the top you feel on top of the world (or on the brink of collapse, depending on incline of the hill).

3. It's more eco-friendly than driving. Unless you're a big fat cheater and add a motor... which would be pretty cool nonetheless, but still defeating the purpose.

4. It's safer! I think it'd be harder to take down a fence with a bike than it would with a Jeep 4x4 Sport (In my defense, the fence was coming down in a few weeks anyways).

5. You can laugh at cars stuck in slow traffic as you cruise along on the edge of the road. SUCKERS!

6. No fuss air conditioning! Just start moving and feel that cool breeze wash away all your worries (unless you're stuck in smoggy super-heat, then you have no fuss heating)

7. Exercise, of course! Being asthmatic, it's difficult for me to get my exercise, but with biking on paved roads, I can have breaks when I cruise downhill (which are quite often, route planning for the win!).

8. Free excuse to annoy someone! Right when you get in from a long, tough ride, all sweaty and disgusting, go up to that person you have a love/hate relationship with, and give them a GREAT BIG HUG! :)

9. Living in the country, I like to stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenery here in isolated Keene. Except when I crash the bike and smush the camera in my backpack. Then it kind of sucks.

10. Finally, biking is a way to get away from it all! I just think of it as a free roller coaster ride, except you've gotta work to get the enjoyment out of it! I'm just thinking now of the biggest hill I've been down, my eyes watering pathetically as the wind tore at my eye sockets. Trying to dodge the potholes when you're going super fast down the huge, steep hill with crappy brakes. Then when I'm at the bottom, I just start laughing spontaneously! And better still, noones around to see me laughing to myself!

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