Ten reasons to ride a bike - Mihai Siman

Hello, I'm Mihai and i'm a bike addict (sounds like a therapy class introduction) and i'll try to make my ten reasons why i love to ride my bike.
It's also going to be a personal opinion, not a guide for beginners, and probably those particular reasons work only for me.

So, I do it because:

1. It gives my metabolism a little boost in the morning and in the afternoon. I try to go to work on my bike as much as I can, it’s about 25 km per day and it's a nice way to mentally prepare for work. I'm not a coffee drinker so it's probably my way of waking up at 6 in the morning.

2. I feel very pleased when I'm riding down the streets on my bike, particularly when I overtaking cars that are stuck in traffic. I don't have a car actually but I assume I could consider myself a happy person for not having to pay taxes every year, pay for gas and get stuck in traffic like that. Riding is free!

3. I’m a smoker and I know that cycling is healthy, increased cardiovascular system, gives me endurance, strength and also makes my buttocks look nice. I hope I’ll quit smoking some day.

4. Riding teaches me some geography and nature. Sounds silly but one of my rider friends told me the not far from today: if it would not be for all those rides we make I would probably have no idea what mountains we have around our town. And its true, we have been traveling around very nice places that are probably intangible for a bored town inhabitant.

5. It teaches me about my body and my limits. With baby steps you can grow stronger, faster and competitive. Getting to know your limits give you a nice feeling about your self and competing with your friends is a nice way of appreciating the place you deserve at the finish line.

6. I need something to do between swimming and running. :)) I’m just kidding but from all the sports I practice this seems to be the one I like the most.

7. It makes me proud. Proud of my everyday growing performances, proud of having ridden the two tallest roads in Romania - Transfagarasan and Transalpina. It's not a big thing but it makes me proud of myself, been able to take me up there only using my body's strenght.

8. Its extremely fun. I can't even remember all the tales I have left from the rides, that’s why I made a blog about this... I think. But we seem to have a lot of fun when one of us crashes of the bike.

9. Its give me the adrenaline doze that every design engineer needs ;). I admit without biking I am a sedentary person, I spend most of my day in front of a computer. I got used to the adrenaline rush that biking gives me and I can't get enough of it now. Riding on a single track in the woods at 40 km per hour is definitely a must at least once a week.

10. It makes a great combination: making sport - with your friends - in the middle of nature. It’s my exodus away from the daily life, it takes me somewhere in the nature and it lets me bring my friends along. If someone will withhold me from biking I will probably miss it very much, it’s a part of me now.

There are a lot more reasons to be added but the simplest way to find out what are the best reasons is to try it your self, you don't need a contest for that! Ride hard and see what fits you best !

Best regards, Mihai Siman

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  1. I'm a girl and people think girls aren't that into biking, but whenever I have the ocassion (rarely I have to admit :P) I like to go on a trip with my old bike. Most of the reasons u enumerated above are the reasons why I chose the bike above anything else. I agree with u on point no. 9, the doze of adrenaline can be sometimes addictive. I would like to experience it on 40 km/h but I need a lot of training first :D Nice job the blog, interesting the trips. Keep up the good work!

  2. I've been debating on getting a bike for awhile now. I love to ride, but there aren't that many places around here that are outdoorsy and challenging. Just residential streets and flat terrain. Still, it'd be a nice thing to have - and perhaps it would push me to get out of this little town more to find interesting places to bike.

  3. The fact is it depends how much you like it. If you simply love doing it from the beginning it will drag you out of your home, and eventualy you will become a addict.
    And of course, this addiction will push you do get out there and try other places and landscapes.
    I say go for it !

    BTW, where are you from Heather ?

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Mihai! I live in Alabama - not too far away from the beach... but much too far away from anything exciting.

  5. Mountain biking is my favorite sport too. I like to climb the mountains, explore new roads and enjoying the nature. The ultimate feeling is when I go down the mountain with speed...I bet that this likes everyone. I want to say that these are the most perfect 10 arguments and I agree totally with all. By the way... nice blog and very funny crash there at reason number 8. Keep it going biker!

  6. Reason 2; riding is not just free !
    You can also save some money. A good bike costs 500-600€, a reasonable car will cost 15000€ . With oil prices rising, cycling can also save significatly on petrol costs. The majority of car journeys are for distances less than 5 miles. There distances are easly cycleable.
    It is estimated that leaving the car in the garaje for the average commuter could save an estimated 100€ per week.

  7. I like the point number 9.

    Adrenaline rush FTW !

    I like a lot what you've said here Mihai, and i do some mountain biking trips from the same reasons (almost ) as you do.

    But specially for FUN and ADRENALINE !

  8. My stories in this sport start in February 2009. I saw my friends' trips on http://mountain-bike-brasov.blogspot.com and I like very much and I said "I want in". I bought a mountain-bike and I started the game.
    Right now I have 1500-2000 Km and I saw mane nice places ... places I didn't believe I would rich.
    The reason I ride my bike are definitely similar to Mihai's.
    By the way I'm the man which succeed this "very funny crash" there are at reason number 8.

  9. I entirely agree with the 10 reasons you have mentioned above.I believe you found a very good way of mixing working out with adrenaline and nature,so that you can relax after a day's work.And yes,i hope you finally give up smoking


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