Contest: Ten Reasons To Ride a Bike

More and more people are turning towards cost-effective means of transportation these days. They go for smaller vehicles, using the bus, sharing the cars when taking trips and, of course, riding the bike. The bicycle proved to be a very versatile piece of equipment serving both commuters and sportsmen and I honestly hope it will become mainstream in the future.
So what's this all about? It's about riding the bike and telling us why it's worthwhile to do so.
We would like to start a contest which will go by the following guidelines:
  • write ten reasons for riding the bike (in English)
  • try to be original, funny and interesting
  • don't make your points too long nor too short
  • don't copy and paste from other web sources
  • make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct
  • you can add a bike story to your ten reasons for being a bike addict
  • you are allowed to send max. two pictures (made by you or your friends) to accompany your writing
  • we will post each set of reasons along with your link for your blog, Twitter account, Facebook profile, etc
  • we won't post texts including offensive language
  • we will award the best ten reasons based on the number and consistency of comments (submitted by different users, anonymous excluded) - more interesting comments, more chances of being number one
  • winner will receive a bike jersey from here, which will be delivered worldwide free of charge
  • submit your ten reasons at this email address and write in the subject field "Ten reasons to ride a bike - your first and last name"
  • at the end of email please insert just one link to your personal page, not business (be it blog, Twitter account, etc)
  • starting date: Today 25 August 2009
  • deadline: 4 September 2009
  • we will take the liberty not to post emails which don't comply to the rules above
  • show this to your friends and ask them to comment on your ten reasons
  • you may come up with ten original reasons without being a serious biker - you don't even have to own a bike - we will still give you the prize if your post will gain comments
  • if you don't have a Blogger account, you can easily create one - you will have the possibility of setting your own blog on the best blogging platform offered by Google
View all contest posts by clicking on the first entry in the tag list - "10 reasons to ride a bike". You can find the tag list on the right sidebar of this blog - scroll down and you will see it below the Networked Blogs widget.

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Please use your personal name and NOT your business name to comment. Enjoy the blog, the T-shirt designs and thanks for joining the conversation!