Free Bouldering T-shirt Print Design in Vector Format - Highball Climbing

My suggestion for printing your bouldering T shirt
Here it is - a bouldering T shirt design that will speak for you when you're out highballing.

You can choose whether you print this drawing on hooded sweatshirts, long sleeve T shirts or whatever else you thing is suitable for you. You can also edit the design and modify it according to your imagination. I've noticed that many climbers and mountaineers are very computer literate so if you can add a personal touch to your Highball T shirt then it's fine with me.

Use either one of the classic professional computer graphics software (Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio, etc.) or make use of the free open source software you can find on the web (Draw Plus, Inksape, etc.).

This particular drawing inspired me for the name of this climbing and bouldering blog. Here's what the design is all about:
  • a highball - a tall boulder suitable for climbing; falling from the top is risky though...
  • a boulderer climbing
  • a spotter - spots the climber as to direct him on the crash pad in case of a fall
How to print your Highball T shirts?

My first advice is to look for a local shop within your town or city, one that prints mugs, T shirts or cards. Perhaps a gift shop or something similar.

Do it yourself using an iron and transfer paper. Look on the web for your closest supplier of transfer paper and kits for T shirt printing. Also, have a look at this link.

Use online services. They usually print the stuff and then ship it to clients for a charge. In my opinion Spread Shirt offers a good service in this regard. You don't want to miss out Cafe Press and Zazzle.

One nice aspect of these online services is that they allow you to sell the stuff you want to customize. You can basically have your merchandise online, on a powerful ready built platform, with lots of traffic, that takes care of all business aspects like payment, shipping and promotion. Think about how much you want to earn and add a commission on the price that the service sets as a minimum threshold.

Why am I giving this bouldering print design away?

The purpose of this blog is to promote outdoor activities and extreme sports in funny and exciting ways. One way of doing this is by sharing my personal adventures and by posting stories about high profile outdoor athletes (climbers, base jumpers, mountain bikers and so on).

Wearing a funny T shirt can sometimes get the message across better than anything else. So I figured it's better to make it as convenient as possible for everyone who wants to promote extreme sports, climbing and bouldering in this case.

Please see and download files below.

Click on logos above to view in full size and then save them using
right click and choose Save image as... option

Download for free Highball drawing of climber and spotter in:
Please note that this drawing was purchased from an artist and it was made by request. My expertise is in computer graphics and not in hand drawing.

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