Lady Climber Causes Male Fainting - Free Print Design for Your Climbing T-shirt

My suggestion for printing your women's climbing T shirts

There's always something exotic about a girl climber. I mean, there are men out there who are terribly scared of being high up on cliffs hanging with their fingers onto the rock. They always find a good and reasonable excuse like: "What's the point of killing yourself!? You're all irresponsible lunatics!"...

A lady climber is the symbol of human ambition! If women can do stuff that's thought to be only for men then there is no doubt that anything is possible.

It's even a greater spectacle when the girl wears close fitted garments! Oh boy! She can on-sight anything from 5b to 8a - it's the same for me - I will only remember the rounded shapes that make her so beautiful! :-)

Decorate your women's shirts with this new funny drawing in two versions: with or without the text "He has a crush on me". You will get more eyeballs on you when hanging out with your fellow climbers and you will spread the message about the power of lovely lady climbers over male climbers who tend to get dizzy when girls show up at the cliffs.

Please feel free to edit this drawing (lady bouldering) available in vector format and show us your result by uploading the picture in the commenting form.

Download this print design for your outdoor apparel in:

Download this print design for your outdoor apparel in:
Enjoy your outdoor climbing adventure and breake their hearts!

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  1. I myself am a lady climber. Currently recovering from a bouldering accident. I recently purchased a hangboard, I've yet to install it but I am looking forward to using it! As for when I get back to the wall I believe I will be wearing this shirt! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hey Stephanie. Hope you'll get well fast and rock again!


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