Outdoor Adventure for Non Climbers - Team Building in Bucegi Mountains

Tourist client being lowered by his colleagues - a simple technique
in building trust among workers within the same organization

One doesn't have to be a climber in order to experiment the thrilling sensation of rappelling or flying through the air on a flying fox line (Tyrolean traverse). Most of the times you can find someone who's willing to show how to do this climbing related stuff without much effort on your side.

What is fun in the extreme sports business is that many activities don't require much strength or endurance but they do require sheer courage. I've seen men trembling and quitting just before they were supposed to rappel off cliffs using a static rope but I've also seen ladies jumping into the void with no fear whatsoever.

I believe outdoor adventure is all about attitude. That's why boldness and experience earned while engaged in action sports is not only valuable in the sport itself but also in one's life. The main reason most people vacillate before going for the adrenaline rush is because they get out of their comfort zone which is not a very cozy feeling... However, great things have been accomplished by those who stepped further and challenged the odds, be it in sport, science or business.

Conclusions like the one above were self evident in my last trip to Bucegi Mountains where I helped Dan Borcea (Castoru') with his team building business - providing thrilling moments for tourist clients.

Take care and go for the challenge!

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