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Cheap GoPro Camera
It seems that you can get the best price for GoPro HD 2 camera on Also available on Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France

Update: GoPro released the GoPro Hero 3

On Amazon, you can buy it at a lower price compared to the rest of online retailers, and you get FREE shipping as well if you chose the Super Saver Shipping option (and if you don't mind waiting up to 8 days for your parcel to arrive - I wouldn't!).

Cheap GoPro

Amazon seems to move large quantities of product and that's why they can offer low prices for such a sought after product, like the GoPro HD Hero is. So if you're looking for GoPro HD best price, check out

The same goes for the GoPro LCD Display. It's cheaper on Amazon.

Why they don't show the price right on the product page?

Here's a quote from Amazon's terms that explains it:
Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price," the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you take further action, such as placing the item in your shopping cart, or in some cases, proceeding to the final checkout stage. The steps required depend on the details of the manufacturer's minimum advertised price policy. Taking these steps allows Amazon to show you our price consistent with our goal of always offering you the lowest possible prices on the widest selection of products.
This won't require you to purchase the product. You can easily remove it from your cart if you decide not to buy it.

Today I've received my GoPro HD camera and from now on I should be able to better document all my outdoor adventures - climbing, mountain biking or whatever.

Before buying it though, I wrote an email to GoPro asking them:
1 If they ship to Europe - Romania
2 Where can I buy one in Europe (online store)
They replied and told me: "Yes, we ship to Romania using Fed Ex economy (24$)" and one dealer for Europe is

I also wrote an email to another online store in Romania and I asked them why is there such a big price difference for the same camera between Europe and USA to which they replied: "If an item costs X dollars in USA it will cost the same amount in Europe but in Euros to which add other taxes and fees.".

So I eventually decided to buy the camera and a 32 GB SDHC Kingston memory card directly from GoPro Official Store and I don't regret I did so. The total amount paid for the gear + shipping + VAT + custom duties + handling fees was 389 Euros (or 557 $) and it's still lower than any price I could find here in Europe.

My first experience after shooting a few small clips was seasoned with disappointment BUT I came to learn that the problem was not in my camera but in my video player (or perhaps my computer - Dell 1525 Inspiron - Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, 2 GB RAM).

The default settings for video mode is 1280x960 pixels at 30 fps, which offers the most vertical viewing area of all resolutions. Later, when I played the footage on my computer, I could only hear the audio while the video came out like a succession of still images. I consulted a few online resources and found out about Splash Lite Player - designed to play all your High Definition MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 camcorder clips and movies, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems. You don't need any additional codecs. Download, install, watch. It takes about one second to start application and High Definition video playback!

As the output file format from GoPro HD Helmet Hero camera is MP4, I said I have to give it a shot in trying this new player and see if there is any difference in rendering my footage. It was! My clip showed smooth and clean, audio and video being perfectly synchronized.

Now I need to see which video editor to use for HD. Can anyone help me with suggestions?

Looking forward to hit the mountains on clear skies! Cheers!

And here some of my best GoPro videos, edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus:

Slow Motion Cliff Jumping in Black Sea

At the swimming pool in Berlin

DIY Steadicam for GoPro Video Test

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  1. Hey Constantin
    Thanks for the EXCELLENT posts you have posted about the GoPro HD. I found myself in the exact same situation as you described here, and have downloaded all the proggies you recommend.
    Thanks for doing all the hard work, and sharing it with the likes of me. You save me, and I'm sure a lot of others a lot of frustration.
    FYI, I found a much cheaper option in Europe ( Holland) Complete with extras for Euro 309

    Thanks again


  2. I just want to say that It was very good post, it helped me in finding a good affiliate.

  3. hey very good post, but can u tell me how much the shipping from usa to your country in europe cost? i mean how meny dollars extra for shipping and other stuff (dont rally know what else is neddet to pay extra then what all your gear and camera costed alone on the website costet in the cart?

  4. The shipping from USA to Europe (Romania) was $24 + some other custom taxes (I can't remember the amount). So the extra expenses amounted to $157. It may sound much but it was still cheaper than buying from Europe. :-)


  5. Hi! I recently bought a gopro Helmet on the swiss website for 292€ with a 8gb sdcard, they ship all over europe apparently. Looks great! I strongly recommend it

  6. Thanks, Ykons! That sounds like a good offer.

  7. Hi.Can you tell me the e-mail adress so i can contact Go Pro and ask questions,they don`t have it shown on their site??

  8. Hi, Uros! Use or I'd use them both, separated by comma (in the "To" field).

    They replied to me so I guess that's their policy.

    Hope all will be okay for you. Cheers!

  9. Have somebody ordered from Is there any problems with delivering or etc?

  10. I personally haven't. If you wanna buy from Europe try

  11. ships all over Europe for 30€ and their camera price is much lower than in France or in England. I bought from them to have it delivered in Montenegro and it arrived after 5 days. They have really good prices in € currency.

  12. The shipping is pretty expensive unless of course there is insurance in that price. 20 Euro should be the normal price for sending a small package in Europe (from Romania to Germany for instance).

    Thanks for the contribution! Good info for people living in or around Switzerland.

  13. Thanks for the program recommendations. I almost threw my GoPro in the trash because of the choppy videos on my computer.

  14. Loved the DIY steady cam video. It's amazing what good music can do for a video.

    Reminds me of years ago, probably 10 years or when the Canon xl1 first came out. I made one for that camera and used a DVD player made for the back seat of SUV's at the time and mounted it on the bottom so you could look down and see what you were filming. Man, that thing was heavy. We used a wheel chair for a dolly. True Indie style.

    1. Thnaks, Jared!

      You were working with what you had - that's the first step. You didn't bitch and moan for not having the right tools. :-) And that's brilliant - few people work with what they have - they just wait for the "ideal situation". :-)

  15. My son is a snow boarder and wants one bad how cheap can I get them in usa $$$$ cash

    1. The latest model is always gonna be expensive. Amazon or Ebay but you can occasionally find good deals in offline stores (Best Buy)


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