How To Cycle Smart with Heather Higgins

The following advice for cyclists comes from Heather Higgins:

Smart Cycling

I. On The Road

  • The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists
  • Obey all traffic control devices
  • Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns to other users
  • Never wear portable music players (cassette players, MP3, etc) while cycling. Your ability to hear motor vehicles and other potential dangers is of utmost importance.
  • Always Wear a Properly Fitting Helmet

II. Traffic Lights:

  • Cyclists, just like motorists, must obey all traffic control devices
  • It takes longer to travel through an intersection on a bike; plan to stop for yellow lights
  • Avoid cars that run red lights by waiting for the signal to turn green and scan to make sure it’s clear

III. Ride on the Right:

  • Always ride in the same direction as traffic
  • Use the furthest right lane that heads to your destination
  • Slower moving cyclists and motorists stay to the right
  • Ride at least 3 feet from parked cars
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk
  • Always ride single file with the only single exception being that you're using a mirror, traveling a lightly used road, can easily notice approaching cars, and can quickly return to single file (long before car reaches you). This is the law.

IV. Ride Predictably:

  • Ride in a straight line
  • Don't swerve in the road or between parked cars
  • Check for traffic before entering street or intersection
  • Anticipate hazards and adjust your position accordingly

V. Yield to traffic in busier lanes:

  • Always use signals to indicate your intentions to switch lanes
  • Roads with higher traffic volumes should be given right-of-way
  • Use a mirror to look behind and make sure that you can switch lanes
  • Left hand turns are the most dangerous; double check these before turning
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Ride on!

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