What To Do with the Small Orange Rubber that Comes with GoPro HD Action Sports Camera

GoPro Doohickey from PointOfViewCameras on Vimeo.

You may see many GoPro HD videos that are either shaky or they have that "click" noise in the background. This is mostly because the quick mounts aren't so tight - there's a backlash between the quick release buckle and the mount. And if you use the long arm for your camera you'll get an even shakier footage - that's silly for the most popular action sports camera...

I saw the little orange rubber in my GoPro kit and I had no idea what it was for. The video above made it clear for me but it's a bit too late now... I've already fixed my shaky camera mounts by adding two or three layers of duct tape to them, as you can see in the picture below. I believe my solution is better as you can loose the orange rubber whereas the duct tape will remain in place with no effort on your part.

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