How To Avoid Windburn while Mountaineering in Winter Conditions

This is me after a three day snowshoeing, mountaineering and climbing tour in Fagaras Mountains...

Why do I look so terrible? Coz I was dumb, that's why! I didn't apply any sunscreen on my face - I had it in my kit though... - I didn't drink enough fluids - and I didn't wear a face cover (like a ski mask). It was warm, cold, sunny, overcast, windy and all these weather changes took their toll.

If you want to stay away from windburn check out these articles for more information on causes, symptoms and remedy:
More pictures from this mountain tour and other tours here and here.

Go outdoors and be safe!

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  1. Ouch - I bet your face is sore. The mountains look beautiful though. I'm sure you had an excellent time! I spent Saturday at the lake (shorts and tank top! Pretty warm weather!) And yesterday at the beach... I'm in full summer mode :)

  2. Great! I've settled the things with the high mountains for this season.
    I'm also into summer mood from now on :-).

  3. Great advice. I think you touched on some of the easiest ways to prevent windburn and sunburn. It is so important to follow these steps, any kind of skin burn can lead to some major issues down the road.

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