DIY Glidecam - Steadicam Update: Wing Nuts

Test Video - Shot with My DIY Steadicam

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Building My DIY Steadicam - Glidecam

Since I'm no longer selling the DIY Highball steadicam, you may wanna check out these other camera stabilizers. Click on any picture.
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This post completes my first article about how to build your glidecam for shooting outdoor videos.

I recommend you use wing nuts for fast adjustments of your DIY glidecam. This is especially helpful when you want to change the camera on the top of the system - the glidecam must be rebalanced with every camera. The wing nuts will allow you to add more weights (washers) and to loosen the bolts when you need to slide them in their channels. The balance of the rig can be fine tuned better by sliding the weights than adding additional weights.

Another thing you can do faster with the wing nut setting is to lower or raise the gravity center of the glidecam. I do this by changing the position of the bottom plate (first picture below) closer or further to/from the gimbal. I simply loosen the nuts and slide the plate on the threaded bar, then I fix it in place tightening the wing nuts against each other, holding the plate between them.

 Wing-nut and bolt for fixing camera on upper plate 
The bolt goes into the threaded hole - tripod mount of the camera
Wing nut, bolt and washers glued together
Go outdoors and shoot your adventures!

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  1. Did anyone ever notice that wing nuts look like Mickey Mouse ears? Now our cameras look like some demented, metalic mousekateers. My attempt at humor btw.

  2. Check out my demo footage for my design


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