What To Eat as a Cyclist - Wholemeal Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs
I'm fortunate enough to be loved by my sweetheart. She cooks for me sometimes (especially if I do the dishes, sweep the floors, feed the cat, clean the dust off the furniture and do other manly domestic work). But otherwise I a man in the house and I can go climbing and cycling whenever I want (after I do the dishes, feed the cat, sweep the floor, etc).

If you don't enjoy the freedoms that I do you're missing out a lot!

So here's a fast and easy meal you can prepare without compromising your cycling oriented nutrition - bread crumbs with garlic and dill. Now...the only reason I could enjoy this was because I was a good boy and did all the manly work in the house. I suggest you either be a good boy like me and hope that your sweetheart will notice (and reward you with bread crumbs) or you can simply be a man about it and prepare the meal yourself (in the kitchen that is - a man in the kitchen... a true man...).

How to Make Garlic Breadcrumbs

You will need a few slices of whole grain bread, four garlic cloves, butter, olive oil, half a lemon, fresh green dill and salt. The wholemeal you can get in specialized bakeries or even in supermarkets these days. We own a home bread machine and we make it ourselves adding all kinds of seeds to it - sunflower, poppy, sesame, brown flax seed.

  1. Cut the slices of wholemeal into small pieces/cubes.
  2. Stir bake them in a Teflon pan, on a medium/small flame, (no oil, no salt) until they get brownish .
  3. Add some butter (a table spoon) on the crumbs - add it in small portions. It's important that the butter melts on the bread instead of melting by touching the hot pan.
  4. Stir them for another minute with the butter melting. Add olive oil. Again the oil should be poured on the crumbs and not in the pan (as much as this is possible).
  5. Add the garlic pulp (made with garlic smasher). Keep stirring for another two minutes.
  6. Add the lemon juice and the chopped dill.
  7. Add salt.
You can then enjoy this as a meal in itself or you can add the bread crumbs to a salad or serve them with a light vegetable soup.

What you'll get from this meal is:
  • carbohydrates - No. 1 daily fuel for your muscles and brain
  • fibers - from the bran in the wholemeal
  • vitamins - vitamin C from lemon and lots other vitamins if you serve it with salad or vegetable soup
Other recipes for bread crumbs here.

In the spirit of "don't waste too much time cooking sophisticated stuff and get outdoors faster instead" me and my sweetheart wish you - Bon App├ętit!

Eat well and go cycling!

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  1. Oh my god ... that made me hungry ! Good job there!

  2. I am digging this.
    Awesome alternative.
    now go sweep the floor! ;)

  3. @ Mihai & EMZ - Thanks!
    I'm gonna "hoover" it ;-)

  4. Since I have given up bread I'll have to pass. Now garlic I can get on board with!

  5. This is a great article and is very interesting. I liked it.

  6. More nutrition articles, Constantin.

  7. Yeah, I have a few more quick and frugal recipes. Thanks for your feedback, Casey!

  8. Gabor, great write up (and it is as real as your climbing helmet)! Gastronomy, or the art of good eating is important, because it makes our life look better after a three court dinner:)

    Besides all of these, I wonder whether eating habits had had ever changed for the Shaolin Monks since the 5th century? Probably not. They eat simple and may have a day or two without feeding, but exercise. That's when the toxins part the body. Sweat it out;)

    For me a good meal means a lot and people around me know about it. I love to indulge and too much is never enough. Besides I'm skinny as a stick. It's a good sport for me to justify the old joke as if someone ask me "where are you from". I reply that I'm from Hungary, I'm Hungarian. So they say, "then let's go and eat some":) I never say no, but next week I work hard riding my bike using up all the extra calories.

  9. :-) Lol, Kornel! Hungarians are renowned for good tasty food.

    My biggest disappointment when I came back from Belgium was that Paprika restaurant was closed... (in Hungary, just on the border with Austria).

    Yup, I like to indulge myself as well. However I try to keep it within reasonable limits: I eat oatmeal every day and exercise via biking and climbing.


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