Are You a Fat Cyclist?

Coz if you are, fat that is, you're not the only one.

I myself gain and consequently struggle to loose about 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) per week so I feel fat pretty often. :-) That's because I like to indulge myself with pork - as you can see in the MTB video "And Mustard Please..."

What you can do for loosing weight is what the Fat Cyclist did for himself:

I had known I needed to lose weight, but hadn’t really done much about it. As I pushed my bike up the road, I realized I had not tried one very successful diet tactic: humiliation. I resolved to start a blog, embarrassing myself by proclaiming my weight on a daily basis, no matter how bad I was doing.
I urge you to read Fatty's blog here and start getting in shape. You can also bring your contribution to the fight against cancer by riding 100 Miles of Nowhere.

My mountain bike downhill video where I get fat...

Enjoy the bike satire!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Love the name of the blog!

  2. What a great place to mountainbike! And that pork looked pretty great as well. Looks like you skipped the bread, so that's healthy.

  3. Yup - lots of cool places for mountain biking around my city.

    No I didn't skip the bread.... :-)

  4. It's not the pork that's preventing you from dropping that 4lbs and keeping it off, it's the carbs. so many cyclists still subscribe to the outdated belief that low fat, hi-carb is the best diet to stay lean and energized when the reality is exactly the opposite of that. I suggest reading a book titled "good calories, bad calories" as well as a book called "paleo diet for athletes" if you still want to read more take a look at "the primal blueprint". Carbs should be kept to an absolute minimum, fat and protein are your best fuel. It takes time for your metabolism to switch over so I don't suggest making big diet changes during race season, it's better to wait until the off-season. And like any big change, diet or otherwise, give it a solid 90 days before you draw any final conclusions.

  5. Hey Seanito!

    Thanks for the book recommendations.

    The carb diet seems to work for me better than any other diet (leaving apart me gaining those 4 lbs - it's irregular and it only happens when my intake outweighs my output/exercise).

    I guess it all depends on one's own body.

    Basically I eat everything (I keep away from deep fried stuff though) but I concentrate on whole grain, fruits, vegetables, grilled meat (any kind).

    When I get fat it is because I eat too much and I exercise less. And to loose weight I eat less and exercise more. I go by the common sense rules.

    I didn't do much reading on nutrition... I may be very ignorant. All that I "preach" here is based on my experience. :-) I do a lot of burning - cycling, rock climbing, swimming - and that keeps me fit and healthy.

    Thanks for your contribution once again!

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