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Watch Free Movies Online
Update: The site ( has been seized for copyright infringement...

But you can watch free online movies by typing watch...your free on Google and you'll land on the right websites. ;-)

However, if you wanna watch your favorite movies in high quality for the minimum cost and without leaving your home, check out Amazon Prime Instant Video. You'll love it.

Here's one for the internet enthusiasts - me being one of them.

Perhaps you've wondered many times how can you watch free online movies. Well, there's a site called that offers just that - free online movies.

The site is basically a data base with movie titles. You can search the movie that you want to watch for free and then you'll get a list (search results) with titles that contain your keywords. If you enter the title correctly you usually get your video on top of the list. All the other movies that contain similar keywords will be listed below.

Click on your desired movie title and you will get another list with sites that host and stream the movies for free. Sites like this are: LOMBOO, MEGAVIDEO, etc. Your film is shown as being hosted on more sites and each movie source has a ranking given by users/viewers. It's nothing more than a grade on the quality of the movie and the playback reliability of the website/player.

Usually stuff hosted on LOMBOO or MEGAVIDEO work fine, as well as movies played with JW Player - that's the embedded player running on the web page (it's not something you need to download or install). Movies that display the Div X logo usually never load so you might as well skip those.

I guess those sites bring in revenue by affiliate links and banners, direct advertising banners and maybe Google AdSense so you have to work your way through tons of advertisements - including pop up and pop under ads... It can be pretty annoying but consider that to be the traffic nuisance until you reach the cinema. :-)

Some sites will also ask you for human verification so click on that. Then you'll get an ad just on top of the player - hit the play button once or twice and the ad will eventually fade out. The images below show you the process.

I've watched and enjoyed for free:
All the above are very good movies and the links lead directly to the free player page.

I guess we all know whether the service those sites provide is illegal or not. No comment on that.

Stay tuned! Power to the users!

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  1. Thanks for the share! I sometimes travel for work and this will come in really handy.

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    That’s very nice! I am very glad to know it, that I can watch free on line.

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