Why You Don't Have To Shoot Video in HD Mode with GoPro HD Camera

GoPro Slow Motin Screen Capture

Just a short note for mountain bikers and other extreme sports lovers out there that have bought or wanna buy the new GoPro HD camera.

You don't really need to shoot your outdoor video clips in HD. The high definition footage offers great video quality but you'll have a hard time importing and editing it into your video editor.

Instead you can shoot in lowest resolution (r1) - 840/480 pixels at 60 fps 0r 120 fps with the HD Hero 2. The files are lighter (unlike the full HD videos) and thus easier for your video editor to handle. The video above was shot in r1 and the sharpness is just as good as with HD settings.

GoPro Editing Software

The 60 frames per second footage allows you to render action sports scenes in slow motion better than say full HD at 30 fps. You'll get smooth slow motion video, that is.

You may want to convert the GoPro MP4 clips to AVI before you do any editing on it.

A new friend of mine, Raul Robino, suggested a forum (GoPro User Forum) that teaches you how to render your video in slow motion using a video editor/mixer called tsMuxeR. You may wanna check that out.

And since we're here, let me show you the best dirt bike video ever!!! Shot with GoPro HD. And notice that the video is great mostly because of the editing, the awesome angle shots and the great stunts that those bikers pull - video quality is secondary (that's my opinion).

A wicked GoPro HD slow motion video suggested by Raul - freestyle skiing

Shoot your mountain bike adventures!

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  1. Hey! I'm famous now! xD wait for my next coming videos jej

    PD: I been using windows movie maker 6, for win7 and it work great with 720p videos..much better than sony vegas 9, windows live movie maker, adobe premiere cs4.. of course, for basic editing, but you should try out..it's free for windows users..

  2. Do you wanna see another sick video in slow motion with the gopro??

    check this out!


    Cheers, Constantin!


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