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I have no idea what it feels to work on a route for the first ascent and then have some other climber come in and steal my glory. Climbing is too much fun to be reduced to glory and first ascents. I'm not into climbing for first ascents - I go for red point, self humiliation through falling, adventure, fun, friendship and sometimes injuries. And that's substantial stuff!

However I do have a slight idea about how Nalle felt when he was asked not to climb First Round First Minute. He got all excited and said something like: "Oh sure, Chris! I don't have any problem with you supposedly being the best climber in the world and not letting anyone to try your world class projects (Jumbo Love included) because you wanna have the first ascent and because the guys from Big Up did so much video shooting that would be embarrassing not to have the complete ascent footage. And then of course why should we let the world feel that other strong climbers are rising when in fact there is just one guy who's the strongest and that's you, Chris. I'd love to let you have all the first ascents until you will be kind and generous (as many strong climbers are) as to let others (if not invite them) to come and climb on your projects before you actually complete them.

I know that this is not a competition and I guess it's normal to ask others not to climb on a certain route because you've put so much passion and work into it (unlike us who flash everything in contempt) and it's simply not fair that others may have a chance of working hard on the same route that you are working on. That would be a sacrilege!

I'm sure that Jean-Christophe Lafaille would have asked you to leave Biographie untouched when you started working on it but I guess he was on vacation or something. You would have been totally okay with that - you're a great guy (unlike many of us who have the audacity of meddling with your projects).

I mean, it's like in business. If a company made billions in profit and for some reason got greedy or foolish and started sinking, going bankrupt and all that then it's normal for kiss ass governments to help those companies by bailing them out with taxpayer's money. Why let new companies grow and show they got the chops?! That's just silly! (Smother them with taxes and help the big guys!)

So Chris, you go on and conquer what you have to conquer. I guess I could knock myself out elsewhere.

You take care now and make sure to have the first ascent title superimposed on the video. That would totally make sense!

And don't fear of being accused of red tagging. Coz red tagging means hanging a red sling in the first bolt of a climbing route as to tell other climbers that the route is reserved for the guy who bolted it. You never did that. By merely asking people not to climb on your routes you have nothing to do with red tagging. It's just standard procedure in our world, right?

I'll definitely remember this as a joyful experience. Cheers!"

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Let Nalle Climb T shirtMy suggestion for printing your "Let Nalle Climb" T shirt

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  1. Before make such a big deal out of this maybe you should think that you are not talking about some weekend wariors, but pro climbers. For you climbing is fun and flower power, but for them is the way they make thre lifes, so I don't think that you should judge Chris so harsh.I don't think that you shouldn't judge him at all, because in your professional life I think that you may do even worse ethical mistakes if you haven't already did. And before start throwing rocks at people maybe you should think that what you do in your professional life may seem inapropriate to other people who are not make a living out of it.
    Maybe it would be better for everyone to start to point the good things that happen, and not keep bringing up the worst.

  2. The truth is somewhere in the middle and I never claimed to hold the truth.

    The thing is Nalle is a professional climber as well. And I guess if a weak climber would try FRFM no one would even bother to ask him/her not to. But Nalle is strong and the prospect of him sending the route was unpleasant to some people... That's sad really! Coz it contrasts with all the rest of the philosophy that Big Up videos conveyed all these years.

    I was always inspired to hear Chris talk in those videos but now I tend to ignore all that...

    Yes now that Chris asks not to try his route we all respect that but this doesn't prevent me to form an opinion about this whole thing. The "let me first ascend this route before you" doesn't feel good to me.

    I had the chance to climb in Cresciano and saw how some of the "rock stars" of bouldering (pro climbers) watched us in contempt struggling on 6c whereas some other rock stars came and talked to us and shared everything. I won't give names.

    So pro climber or amateur climber I appreciate the human not the sportsman. Even though being a good sport means being a good fellow.

    I'm sure I make tons of mistakes and perhaps I'm being obnoxious to a lot of people.

  3. Cata, you are realy missing my point! Just don't throw the first rock! The pleasure to crucify( or pointing finger at)the better man is a little too popular in Romania, and I think that you can do better than that.I don't say that Chris was right but to attack the hole concept of red tagging throu him it's a little extreme.The concept in wrong but a man can make mistakes and we should not throw them in his face over and over again. Did he do it again after FRFM?
    This is my point, is about attitude man.

  4. Since you mentioned attitude, closing a route seems a bit elitist. That's how I see it.

    I hold a disregard toward elite groups and I speak my mind.

    "First Respect First Minute" implies that Nalle hasn't shown respect for the project just coz he wanted to climb it. Isn't this extreme?!

    The rocks have been thrown already. These are just my ramblings on it.

  5. Of course why should we let the world feel that other strong climbers are rising when in fact there is just one guy who's the strongest and that's you, Chris.


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