Campsites and Recreation Parks in California - What's Your Favorite?

Williams Northen California Area

A fellow Highball Blog reader requested information about campsites and recreational areas in Northern California. Here's her/his exact words that were submitted through the survey form that asked What Should We Write About Next?:
Campsites and Recreation in Northern CA, Northern Meaning Above Williams CA
I believe the one who's able to give valuable information on this topic is you, Californian or not. So if you've been touring and camping in Northern California and found some cool sites or national parks that you could recommend, then I guess at least one reader of this blog will be happy to receive this info from you in the comments section below.

If you happen to know awesome outdoor sites (less known but worth visiting) in other parts of California, feel free to share those as well. I'm sure some of us will find that helpful.

Here is a list of resources/directories for state parks and camping sites (reviews) that I was able to find for you:
  • The Camping Source - list of links to outdoor recreation websites
  • California State Parks - information on parks listed by region (North Coast, High Sierra, Deserts, Orange County, etc), vacation planning, outdoor gear store
  • Shasta Cascade Region - map of touristic sites in Shasta Cascade
  • California Camping Review - "Here at you will find photos, descriptions, addresses, telephones and emails for camping in CA, USA"
  • Shasta Cascade Camping Sites - list of campsites in Northern California; each link takes you to a Google map, showing you the exact location of the site
California Map
Shasta Cascade Touristic Area - California
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What's the coolest place to go on vacation in Northern California? Thanks!

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  1. It's been years since I've been in CA, but any visit to the north has to include a journey to see the redwoods.

  2. I love anywhere you can be on the ocean. Anywhere from San Clemente to Cambria to Seal Beach.

  3. For a killer spot go to where the Klammath River outlets into the ocean(right in Klamath CA) right before the border of Oregon. When you see a bridge on Highway 101 with two golden bears on each side take a left towards the ocean and behold the most badass spot to camp ever... in Redwoods National Park... we call it "Lost Rocks" but there is a camp site called Flint Ridge Campground... you will not be dissapointed...

  4. Awesome Matt! Thanks for your contribution.

    Gotta visit USA sometime and enjoy your great American outdoors.


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