Build a DIY Steadicam for Your DSLR Camera

Test Video - Shot with My DIY Steadicam

Everything I know about building a DIY steadicam is now is in this new guide. Learn how to get amazing cinematic video with this cool gadget that you can build using parts from your local hardware store.

If you don't like the material, no worries. I'll give your money back and you get to keep the guide. Guaranteed!

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DSLR Steadicam

DIY Camera Stabilizer

Update: Check out the latest tutorial on DIY DSLR steadicam.

Since I'm no longer selling the DIY Highball steadicam, you may wanna check out these other camera stabilizers. Click on any picture.
GoPro Smoothee Stabilizer by Steadicam
Glidecam HD 2000
Flycam Stabilizer
Check out the stabilizers on Amazon CanadaAmazon.UK and Amazon.DE.

One of you asked me to write about DIY steadicam for DSLR cameras. Since I don't have a DSLR photo/video camera I figured you could use the tips and tricks from

The blog is specialized in DIY photo and video projects like camera rigs, workflow, video shooting, camera stabilizers, etc. You will also find lots of information on professional video gear (reviews), studio lights and techniques.

GoPro Stabilizer

In these videos you can see two types of glidecam for heavier cameras - both resembling the Merlin design.

You also requested a tutorial on how to build a DIY articulated arm for a steadicam. I haven't found anything yet but I suppose it's too much work so most people who build their own stabilizer prefer to to have it hand held, without the dampening arm. I believe practice can make your shooting better without the arm and the vest. See this article on how to shoot video with DIY steadicam for more details.

My current glidecam design (three axis gimbal made of PVC pipe rings and skateboard ball bearing) could be used with DSLR cameras but it needs a smarter camera plate - one that slides in two directions (forward and sideways). I have a concept in mind for that so stay tuned as this will come out as a new post in the near future. :-) This will enable you to adjust the balance of the rig much faster.

The rig in the video above lets you shoot steady footage by holding the frame with both hands. It's not a glidecam but the results are pretty impressive. You can also mount a microphone, a flash and other gadgets that connect with your DSLR.

Shoot your outdoor adventures on GoPro HD!

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  1. Thats pretty cool, will check the to build my own Indie Hardware stabilizer. I have a other design that I am building right now. Thanks for the post.

  2. You're welcome Jerome. Come back with a link to your design.



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