Paragliding T-shirt - Free Vector Design

Paragliding Shirt - Free Vector Design
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Paragliding Hoodie and T-shirt

My experience with paragliding is rather limited. I took part in a two week training in Austria (Leutasch) and Italy (Monte Grappa - Bassano). The course was a reward for building an indoor climbing wall for a youth and adventure club - Gruener Grashalm in Germany.

My personal best consists of 4 single flights at 800 m (2400 feet) above Bassano - I could see the Adriatic sea from up there. :-)

Artwork by Gabriel Raileanu who can create custom T-shirt designs for you.


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  1. I love paragliding - i started doing a course in it, but it got a bit expensive, which was a shame. Nice t-shirts!

  2. Thanks, Aaron!

    Yeah the costs of such an experience can be high... But the joy of flying freely is something not to be missed - at least once in a lifetime. :-)


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