Why You Need To Update Firmware in Your GoPro HD Hero Camera

Watch the video below to learn the advantages of updating the firmware in your GoPro HD Hero camera.

If you own a GoPro HD camera, you've probably noticed that the colors of indoor pictures are not exactly as they should be. The same with indoor footage - the color is yellow-ish. While for some it may seem cool, these aren't exactly the natural colors your eyes see in real life.

This, and a few other issues, can now be fixed with the new GoPro HD Firmware.

GoPro HD Color Bug Fixed

Other fixes and new features include:
  • One button mode - the power button becomes the shutter button as well: press once and the camera turns on and starts recording video (or taking photos depending on the active mode the cam is in); press again and the camera stops recording and shuts down. This saves you time and if you borrow the camera to others, just set it in one button mode so you won't have to instruct them too much on how to use it. 
  • File number count - files will be numbered continuously even if you erase the card. No more duplicate files due to same file name. 
Read more about the benefits of the new firmware on EyeOfMine.com. They made the video above and they also created a print friendly list will all new symbols that you'll find in your Hero HD after you update the firmware.

GoPro HD Firmware - New Menu

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  1. And if you want the new lcd bacpac to work with your gopro, you need to update the firmware also.

    It took me some time when trying my lcd bacpac to realise I should read the manual which was telling to upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

  2. :-) Are you satisfied with the LCD monitor for your GoPro? How much battery does it 'eat'?


  3. @ Brooks - It's not dirt cheap but you get a lot for those $300. :-) Underwater video shooting, HD, lightness, etc.

    GoPro has lots of giveaways going on on their Facebook fan page. You may wanna participate.


  4. I have an issue with the colors being very yellowish even outdoors.I downloaded the firmware but nothing has changed! Very upsetting!

  5. I noticed similar yellowish color as well in some of my videos but only for a few seconds, util the camera adapts to the lighting conditions (aperture or sensor adjusting - not even sure what it is...)

    Refer you problem to the GoPro support team. Maybe they can replace your camera. It seems to me that they are very open and supportive towards consumers. And from what I've read their business grows 300% annually so from a business standpoint they could replace your cam if the color issue persist.

    They answered my emails, can't complain about that.

    Let us all know how it goes.

    Cheers, bro!


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