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Funny Running T-shirt
Download this vector design for your running T-shirt in:
Here's a running T-shirt for those of you who love Raggae music (Bob Marley actually), sports and listening to music while exercising. Download your design in your preferred digital format and print in on your running shirt.

Womens Running Shirt

Enjoy your training session!

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  1. Constantin,

    Do you do all of the drawing for these? It's pretty cool. How does it work? you pay for the artwork, download it, print it onto iron-on sheets, and iron it onto a shirt? Or do you actually produce these shirts and ship them out to people?


  2. Thanks Tim!

    @ Casey - I come up with the ideas (concept, message, etc.) - I imagine the whole thing (try to make it funny; not sure if I succeed) - and I have an artist that draws them for me (most of them are bought, the rest are exchanged for other benefits). The mountain bike shirts I do myself using computer graphics software.

    Spreadshirt takes care of production and shipping.

    Making your own shirts is more profitable (if you wanna sell them) but it tales precious time...

    Spreadshirt guarantees quality and reasonable shipping speed.

    It works great for YouTube celebrities, that's why I went with them.


  3. wow! nice shirt where can i buy those shirt? I like it so much

  4. The shirt is available for purchase in my shop. Click the T-shirt banner and browse the entire collection.


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