What To Eat as an Athlete - Shrimp & Crab Claws with Vegetables Salad

Shrimps and salad on plate

Food... Oh boy!

I love it but I hate cooking. This doesn't mean a good and healthy meal is something to skip but if it takes you hours of your day to make it... well, then you should reconsider what's more important to you: food or the rest of the things you could be doing...?

So if you're like me and don't particularly enjoy cooking but you do like to prepare something fast that's filled with vitamins, fiber and protein, here it is:

Vegetable salad and shrimps in oil (or crab claws)

shrimp salad

Or, I guess you can call it shrimp salad if you like.

What you need and how to prepare it
  1. Buy the shrimps or crab claws from your local supermarket or from a specialized sea food market. You may wanna choose them pre-cooked and preserved in oil - that saves precious time. (Are they organic or not...? - that's not our business with this article. This is for the regular guy who's not fussy about supermarket food). Cost: $ 2.7 per pack (200 grams) - for the reference this was in May 2011 - Romania (Europe).
  2. Get your fresh vegetables from peasants if you can. This is possible in Romania in most of the cities and towns as peasants here are also small farmers who sell such produce. What vegetables? All sorts: radish, lettuce, spring onion, dill, cucumber, green pepper, hot red pepper, tomatoes, ramsons (wild garlic leaves) red onion, etc. Cost: $ 5.
  3. Other things to make it more interesting would be: lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Cost: $ 5 for the cheapest olive oil (500 ml) and the cost of a lemon is negligible.  
  4. You know how to do a salad, don't you? I guess you also know how to open a pack of shrimps. Se pictures below for a suggestion on serving and portioning. :-)
There you have it. An easy meal for the outdoor athlete. Food like this is good to have especially during the warm season when you want to be energetic and light. And eating lots of vegetables is never a bad thing for your nutrition in general.
  • Shrimp are high in protein and low in calories. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D (good for your bones - climbers know they need this) and selenium (gives you energy boost). Source: Peertrainer.com

salad and shrimps with lemon

shrimps and salad

mini shrimps in oil

shrimps pack

mini shrimps


crab claws

crab claws in oil

baby crab claws

Eat well and go cycling, climbing or trekking. Cheers!

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