GoPro Mounting on Bike Fork - Improvisation - or How You Can Shoot Bike Tricks Videos Like a Pro (read: Respected Amateur)

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This post adds to the previously published article that teaches you how to improvise GoPro mounts for your mountain bike using just the helmet mount.

I've been asked how I shot certain scenes in the above bike tricks video and I decided to publish some pictures with my GoPro mount improvisation for the bike fork. I hope this explains it better than words.

GoPro Mount on Bike Fork

You only need your helmet mount, which comes bundled with GoPro HD Hero Helmet.

What you do is wrap the straps around one of the fork tubes and clip in the camera (quick release buckle). Use the two piece arm (goose neck) with the buckle and point the camera in as many directions as possible:

  • you want to capture the biker who's pulling the stunts
  • shoot only the wheels, pedals and feet of the biker
  • shoot forward to capture the obstacles
  • etc.
Mix all the scenes to make your clip interesting to watch.

GoPro Mounting Improvisation

GoPro Helmet Mount on MTB Fork

GoPro Camera Attached to Bike Fork

GoPro Mounting on Trick Bike Fork

The rest of the scenes were shot with a DIY steadicam, which I use for most of my outdoor and adventure videos.


Disclaimer: I'm an amateur filmmaker and I share as little as I know with you. You're invited to a conversation in the comments. There's always something new I can learn from you and I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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