How To Choose Your Climbing Pants - Infographic and Video

Climbing Pants

You may have noticed that there's a trend to wear more and more fashionable clothing when climbing.

Just go into a mountain store and you'll find a piece of climbing clothing for everything: bouldering, alpine climbing, whatever.

While I'm not particularly a fashionable guy, I do enjoy a good pair of pants to wear during my redpoint attempts. So I figured to share with you this cool infographic and video made by Tristan Higbee on his Daily Climbing Tips blog.

He discuses how to choose the perfect climbing pants:
  • Pay attention to fabricsynthetic light fabrics that wick moisture are preferable (even though there's a tendency to wear cotton as well - especially among bouldering enthusiasts)
  • Choose zipper pockets if possible - you may wanna carry small important items with you (such as a printed top or a candy bar
  • Get the right fit - that's something each of us should decide for ourselves what it means. The point is you don't wanna trade your ability to move for looking good.

If you're also a blogger and wanna learn how to blog like a rock star, you should also check out Tristan's main blog - where he teaches blogging tips for smart people. He's got incredible quality content - that's my vote for him!

Cheers! And if you get pumped during your ascent, shake, chalk and hope a jug will follow!

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  1. Thanks for the links and the kind words, Constantin! I'm glad you liked the infographic. Does anyone really need pants made specifically for climbing? No, not really. Today I went climbing in an old pair of jeans. But like you said, it's nice to have/wear them sometimes :)

    Thanks again!

  2. No problem Tristan!

    Yeah - I climb in an old pair of Nike track pants...(how lame is that for a guy sponsored by Mammut? :-)))


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