How To Travel The World and Climb Your Favorite Mountain Summit - Mammut Peak Project - Contest for Climbers and Mountaineers

Mammut, one of the generous sponsors of Highball Blog celebrates its 150th birthday with 150 peak tours around the world!

They have this big contest going on where you can be part of a team that will climb one of the 150 peaks of the world. All you have to do is follow the links below and apply, stating your expertise as a climber & mountaineer.

I wish you success and a safe return from your peak!

Here's your chance to gain a place in one of the 150 teams heading for the peaks of the world. More than 2.500 people created a virtual mountain in Stage 1 of the biggest peak project in history. With these mountains they applied for the position as a team leader in one of the 150 teams. But to achieve their goal, they needed the support of their friends - which was visualized in a growth of their mountains. All in all over 38.000 people showed their support in the last months.

Now the lucky applicants who have secured the most support for their virtual mountain have entered the “team building stage” where they form their team and plan their tours. Each team will consist of between two and six climbers and one mountain guide.

To become a team member in one of these teams you simply have to join the “Climbers Board” (Link: ) which is a pool of mountaineers that want to be a part of the 150 peak tours. From there you can apply at the teams or receive invitations from them.

Using various criteria, such as experience, background, project planning, etc., a jury of experts (consisting of experienced specialists from the mountaineering community, Link: selects the final 150 teams for the event itself, due to be held between September 2011 and August 2012.


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  1. Hi Constantin

    Thank you very much for your really nice post about the team building stage in the Mammut Peak Project.

    Did you also register in the Climbers-Board?


  2. Hey, Dominik!

    I'm not in the best shape for high altitude mountaineering, thus I haven't registered. I'm more into rock climbing at this point in my life.

    Congrats for everything that you're doing!


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